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Tues­day, Septem­ber 5 Open Stable­ford

Eat Healthy Be Ac­tive Win­ner: M Scott 43. R/UP: E O’farrell ocb 38. Ball R/down: B Mc­don­ald 38, B Vic­tor 37, L Gleeson 35, N Sip­pel 34, D Olsen 34, V Bales 34, J Ward 33, B Wy­att 33, D Sip­pel 32, R New­sham 32, C Gleeson 31, R Wool­nough 31, E Hoger 30, B Mor­row 29, K Niemeyer 28, R Manck­telow


NTPS: No. 2 Nil, No. 5 V Bales, No. 11 E O’farrell, No. 14 M Scott.

2nd Shot 1/10: R Manck­telow. Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 6 Ladies’ Monthly Medal Win­ner: S Gleeson 66. R/UP: T Gal­liott 76. Putting: V Hesse 32. Thurs­day, Septem­ber 7 Open Stable­ford Win­ner: I Dob­bie 43. R/UP: R Cool­well 40.

Best Lady: R Din­ning 39. Lady R/down: S Gleeson 34. Ball R/down: L Bur­ton 38, R Young 37, L Gleeson 37, J Or­maechea 36, P Muller 36, B Wy­att 36.

NTPS: No. 2 H Clegg, No. 5 R Wool­nough, No. 11 G Daw­son, No. 14 P Muller.

2nd Shot 1/10: E O’farrell. Satur­day, Septem­ber 9 4BBB Stroke spon­sored by Er­rol Hoger, Damian Mc­car­roll and Mark Sauer. Win­ners: A and K Niemeyer ocb 60.

R/UP: G Daw­son and C Gleeson


2nd R/UP: J Or­maechea and A Jones ocb 62.

Ball R/down: P Quirk and R Young 62, L Gleeson and P Mor­ris 62, R Manck­telow and B Jones 62, J Grace and D John­stone 63, L Bur­ton and B Parker 63.

NTPS: No. 2 B Jones, No. 5 A Niemeyer, No. 11 G Mi­lady, No. 14 B Mc­don­ald.

2nd Shot 9/18: D Mc­car­roll.


Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 6 Ladies’ Com­pe­ti­tion – Monthly Medal and Putting Win­ner: B. Panzram 89/73, R/UP: S. Vic­tor 91/74. R/down: P. Davis 105/75, J. Blaney 103/75, H. Gray 96/76, J. Dar­ley 92/76, J. Kane 103/76.

Oth­ers: J. Tay­lor 105/77, C. Gam­ble 96/78, T. Har­ris 100/78, E. Llewellyn 105/79, M. Voorma 104/79, J. Sip­pel 103/79, C. Stern­berg 84/79, J. Lo­gan 94/81, M. Mckin­lay 105/83, J. Paroz 102/84. Pins: (Div 1) S. Vic­tor, (Div 2) J. Tay­lor, (Pro Pin 8) P. Davis. Putting: C. Stern­berg 29 putts. Thurs­day, Septem­ber 7 Open Com­pe­ti­tion – Monthly Medal and Putting Win­ner: D. Teske 79/70, R/UP: G Rogers 91/71. R/down: G. Natal­ier 93/72, A. Paroz 85/73, J. Ward 83/73. Oth­ers: B. Heath­wood 95/75, C. Weier 100/76, N. Em­mer­son 95/77, K. Hauser 98/78, B. Kathagie 90/78, Joe Boody 87/79, Ken Pomerenke 96/80, E. Hind­son 116/84, J. Tay­lor 128/92.

Pins: (Div 1) J. Boody, (Div 2) G. Natal­ier.

Putting: A. Paroz 30 putts. Satur­day, Septem­ber 9 Men and Ladies Sin­gle Stable­ford also First Round Mixed Pairs Match­play Ladies’ Win­ner: H. Gray 36pts, R/UP: J. Kane 35pts. R/down: J. Tay­lor 35. Oth­ers: M. Mckin­lay 34, L Knopke 31, M. Lit­tle­johns 30, J. Blaney 30, S. Lit­tle­johns 29, J. Lo­gan 26.

Pins: (Div 1) C. Stern­berg, (Div 2) J. Sip­pel.

Men’s Win­ner: T. Skip­ping­ton 35pts, R/UP: C. Mckay 34pts. R/down: S. Larkin 33, W. Of­fer 33, A. Parker 33, S. Not­ley 33, E. Hind­son 33.

Oth­ers: M. Shar­rad 32, C. Bichel 31, A. Paroz 31, C. El­li­son 31, J. Boody 30, K. Goebel 30, D. Sip­pel 29, R. Gray 29, G. Rodgers 28, B. Spall 28, C. Lee 27, D. Heath­cote 27, M. Acutt 27, J. Panzram 26, G. Heuston 21.

Pins: (Div 1) S. Larkin, (Div 2) Nil, (All In 9) J. Neuen­dorff, (Pro Pin 4) M. Shar­rad.

1st Round Mixed Pairs Match­play Results

K. Luck and M. Voorma de­feated J. Neuen­dorff and B. Panzram 5/4.

R. Holmes and C. Gam­ble de­feated G. Stern­berg and F. Lee 2/1.

F. Sip­pel and J. Sip­pel de­feated B. Gam­ble and C. Stern­berg 1 up.

L. Ed­wards and C. Scheiwe de­feated K. Har­ris and T. Har­ris 2 up.

2nd Round Mixed Pairs Match­play to be played Satur­day, Septem­ber 23

K. Luck and M. Voorma to play R. Holmes and C. Gam­ble. F. Sip­pel and J. Sip­pel to play L. Ed­wards and C. Scheiwe.


Thurs­day, Septem­ber 7 Sin­gle Stable­ford Win­ner: F Brown 45pts. R/UP: R Eveleigh 37 R/down: S Wil­son 34, C Pet­tet 33, S Lerm 33, Lock­ett 31 (L), D Bun­ton 30, A Anderson 29, J Bre­wood 17, C Drys­dale 39 (soc player), G Baldry 37 vis­i­tor (non-golfer).

NTPS: 4/13 G Baldry, 8/17 2nd F Brown (in hole). Com­ing events:

■ Satur­day, Septem­ber 16 Brett and Mar­i­anne Farn­ham Spon­sored Day

Sin­gle Stroke 11am tee-off.

■ Tues­day, Septem­ber 19 Esk Monthly Chal­lenge 8.30am tee-off.


Tues­day, Septem­ber 5 Too­goolawah Vets. An 18-hole sin­gle stable­ford event. Win­ner: War­ren Hat­field with 36 points.

NTPS: 4/13 War­ren Hat­field, 7/16 Eric Melville. In­vi­ta­tion to all other clubs in the district, Vets Day is an open day and you are all wel­come to join us. For more in­for­ma­tion, phone John Clark 0427 213 279. Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 6 PM Chook Run. A nine-hole sin­gle stroke event. Win­ner John Clark with 29 ½ net, R/UP Graeme Kuhn 32 ½ , 2nd R/UP Trevor Friedrich 33 ½ net.

NTPS: 3/12 and 4/13 Michael O’con­nor.

Satur­day, Septem­ber 9 Pres­i­dent Alan White and first lady Nel­lie.

Lady Nel­lie’s Tro­phy day along with the Too­goolawah Cup. 39 golfer’s from Black­butt, Esk and Ip­swich joined Too­goolawah for a great day of golf.

Win­ner was Black­butt golfer Bill Bool with a great 63 net. Well done Bill.

Men’s di­vi­sion one win­ner Ja­son Kerr (Esk) 71 net, R/UP Graeme Kuhn 72.

Men’s di­vi­sion two win­ner Len Smyth (T’wah)71 net on a count­back from Rob Hedges (Esk) 71 net.

Ladies’ Over­all win­ner Mar­ion Deane (t’wah) 71 net on a count­back from R/UP Joan Nu­gent (B’butt) 71 net. Men’s Long Drive di­vi­sion one 0–19 Bill Bool (B’butt), se­cond di­vi­sion 21–26 Todd Drever­man (T’wah).

Ladies’ Long Drive Robyn Bag­ster (T’wah).

NTPS: 1/10 all in Michael O’con­nor (T’wah), 8/17 all in Shaun Wil­son (Esk). Men’s di­vi­sion one all in 9/18 Rus­sell Kleis (T’wah), di­vi­sion two all in 5/14 Joan Nu­gent (Black­butt). Ladies 2/11 Robyn Bag­ster (T’wah).

Lit­tle Pizza Ex­change Ho­tel 3/12 War­ren Hat­field (T’wah). IGA Too­goolawah 4/13 Richie Marschke (T’wah).

For Frank 6/15 and Hat­field’s Plant Hire 7/16 Ja­son Kerr (Esk).

Monthly Medal win­ners for Too­goolawah mem­bers for Septem­ber were Alan White 69 net and Mar­ion Deane 71 net. What a great day spon­sored by our pres­i­dent Alan and first lady Nel­lie.

We thank you. Look­ing for­ward to next year.

Com­ing events:

■ Satur­day, Septem­ber 16 Sey­mour’s Toy­ota tro­phy day, a 4BBB stable­ford event, hit-off 12pm.

Grab a part­ner and come along for a great day.

■ Wed­nes­day, Septem­ber 20 Ladies AM Golf 8.30am hit-off. PM Chook Run 3pm hit-off. Don’t for­get the pre­sen­ta­tion din­ner on Septem­ber 30. Num­bers are re­quired ASAP for cater­ing pur­poses. This is where all our cham­pi­ons are recog­nised and pre­sented with their cham­pi­onship tro­phies. Please phone Judie

0407 130 596 or send a mes­sage if you are able to make it. Ev­ery­body wel­come, from fam­ily and friends to sup­port­ers.


Satur­day, Septem­ber 9 Mem­bers played the Lock­yer Val­ley Toy­ota Gat­ton Open For the fourth year in a row, M Le­je­une come away tri­umphant, shoot­ing a 2 un­der par 66.

B Woola­cott was run­ner-up shoot­ing an also im­pres­sive round of 68.

The net win­ner, be­ing a club­house favourite, W Rad­datz with a 61 net round. Run­ner-up for the net was O Cow­ell with 65 net.

Other win­ners: A-grade gross M Bourke 70, B-grade gross B Lin­nan, C-grade gross Cl Mel­lon 88.

A-grade net R Bach­mann 67, B-grade net R Min­ers 67, and C-grade net R Smith 68.

A grade gross run­ner up Z Tate 71, B Grade gross run­ner up D Neu­mann 84 and C grade gross run­ner up B Reif 91. A-grade net run­ner-up Ant Sip­pel 69, B-grade net run­ner-up J Walk 70, and C-grade net run­ner-up B Frizzell 70.

Near­est to pins: No. 3 J Klei­don 25cm, No. 7 D Jamieson 143cm, No. 10 D Si­mon hole in one, No 13 B Woola­cott 150cm, No. 16 O Cow­ell 120cm and No. 18 M Bourke 224cm.

Birdie Hole was num­ber 2, shared be­tween many play­ers. Turkey’s nest was shared be­tween D Si­mon and T Tate. Ladies

Faye Bra­ban and Jackie O’hare were the win­ners of the Chap­man Four­somes on Wed­nes­day with a score of 63.5 net. Run­ners-up were Carol Blake and Mandy Mcdon­nell 64.5 net. The Lucky Card was won by Dawn Ford and Jane Mcfar­lane. Satur­day’s sin­gle stroke was spon­sored by Lock­yer Toy­ota and Betty Ex­elby was the win­ner on 67 net. Run­ner-up Rhonda Van Ansem Brooker was close be­hind with a net score of 68, fol­lowed by Jane Mcfar­lane 71, Faye Bra­ban 71, An­nete Thur­good 72, Rhonda Beck­ett 73, Carol Blake 74 and Mar­garet Grant 74.

Carol Blake won the pin shot on No.10 and also holds the Golden Hole at 330cm. The Lucky Card went to Lisa Tay­lor. To­day’s event is a sin­gle stroke com­pe­ti­tion on the yel­low course and Satur­day is a stable­ford on the red course. Sub Ju­niors

The sub ju­niors had an ex­er­cise in chip­ping and putting on Satur­day Wel­come back to Greg and So­phie and Henry and wel­come to Henry’s brother Ta­mati

Sub ju­niors are re­minded that the cham­pi­onships are to be held on Mon­day and Tues­day Septem­ber 18 and 19 com­menc­ing at 8.30am. There is a hol­i­day coach­ing clinic on Tues­day 25th at 8.30am for all chil­dren – new­com­ers are most wel­come. Bring a friend or a sib­ling for two hours of coach­ing by our pro­fes­sional golfer Anna, fol­lowed by a sausage siz­zle.


VIC­TORY: The Gat­ton Hawks 11/12 de­vel­op­ment team won their grand fi­nal 36-22 against Dalby on Satur­day.

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