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I HAVE never seen any­one on this page state that be­ing gay was a choice. Nor have I ever seen any­one ac­cuse gays of be­ing po­lyg­a­mists or pae­dophiles.

The claims of hurt to gay fam­i­lies if we had a proper dis­cus­sion are not cred­i­ble.

The “yes” cam­paign es­ca­lated their ag­gres­sion in­stead of back­ing off to pro­tect those same fam­i­lies.

Do you re­ally think you can force your will on half the pop­u­la­tion with­out any­one get­ting hurt?

Like it or not, the re­al­ity is that when you change the law for one group you also open the door for op­por­tunists to ex­ploit it.

That is why there should be as­sur­ances and proper dis­cus­sion about ex­actly what this plebiscite is about and how the re­sults will be used.

Why are they afraid to tell us what they will do? What are they hid­ing? When a smirk­ing PM with bag­gage says there will be con­se­quences but “trust me”, you know there is prob­a­bly some­thing else go­ing on be­hind the scenes.

That is why we should be given more in­for­ma­tion about what a change in the law will say.

Is it go­ing to be air­tight enough to en­sure it cov­ers gay peo­ple only?

If that’s the case most of us would be happy to say yes. Peo­ple have lost their jobs and been pub­licly vil­i­fied for say­ing no.

Is that the way we want our democ­racy to go?

We are not sup­posed to be a so­cial­ist dic­ta­tor­ship run by peo­ple who refuse to ac­cept there is more than one point of view.

There isn’t much in­tegrity left in pol­i­tics in this coun­try. Give peo­ple the in­for­ma­tion they need to make fully in­formed de­ci­sions.

That is the least the govern­ment and me­dia can do. Twist­ing things to den­i­grate some­one for want­ing to be in­formed on im­por­tant is­sues is im­ma­ture and dan­ger­ous.

— Gail Camp­bell, Lai­d­ley

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