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IN AN­SWER to G. Ma­hon’s let­ter (Star, Wed­nes­day, August 22) about de­fec­tive Ma­hon’s Bridge on Gran­tham Scrub Rd.

The ref­er­ence to trucks trav­el­ling east-west over this bridge is in­con­se­quen­tial. Fact is ratepay­ers have paid for a bridge not built to plan or in­tended 70 tonne load­ing. We have been se­verely dud­ded. This high­lights that Lock­yer Val­ley Re­gional Council of that time, 2009, has ac­cepted this de­fec­tive struc­ture at great cost, now ap­pear­ing to re­quire re­place­ment at a cost of around $1.5 mil­lion. This is only one bridge out of six to eight bridg­ing struc­tures con­tracted out over 10 or 12 years.

A num­ber of these con­tracted struc­tures ap­pear to be de­fec­tive by de­grees. Some were de­signed and con­structed by one com­pany. There is some­thing ter­ri­bly wrong with the way these con­tracts were mon­i­tored.

The word is that re­pair­ing or re­plac­ing these bridges will cost ratepay­ers mil­lions of dol­lars. Council, as its cof­fers are in se­ri­ous debt, is now des­per­ate to se­cure in­creas­ing gov­ern­ment grants for re­me­di­a­tion, all this fol­low­ing grants se­cured to as­sist in fi­nanc­ing the orig­i­nal fund­ing for these bridges. How many other con­tracts through­out our re­gion will re­quire a foren­sic au­dit­ing to al­lay our con­cerns as to how we have been snowed?

–B Fowke, Re­gency Downs

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