New pres­i­dent with new ideas

Learn­ing from those who came be­fore

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Oc­cu­pa­tion: Farmer

Age: 21

Mar­i­tal Sta­tus: Sin­gle

What have you en­joyed most about being in­volved with the Ma Ma Creek Ex­hi­bi­tion?

I have en­joyed being able to keep the event run­ning as it is an im­por­tant day to keep the com­mu­nity to­gether, which I find is dy­ing in many other ar­eas and it’s great for ev­ery­one to be able to come to­gether and catch up with peo­ple they haven’t seen in a while.

Why did you de­cide to get in­volved with the ex­hi­bi­tion?

I have been a part of the ex­hi­bi­tion for many years now help­ing in dif­fer­ent as­pects but I took on a com­mit­tee po­si­tion this year to firstly keep the great event go­ing, but also to get some fresh blood and ideas into the ex­hi­bi­tion so it can last for many more years to come.

What is your great­est ac­com­plish­ment in life?

As a big sports lover, play­ing for the Queens­land U21s cricket team ear­lier in the year.

What’s the best piece of ad­vice you’ve ever re­ceived?

The only way to get any­where in life is through hard work. Noth­ing is ever handed to you, you have to work for it.

What would you like to change in the world?

World hunger. There is way too much food wasted in the world just because of a sim­ple im­pu­rity where the ma­jor­ity of the piece of fruit or veg­etable is fine.

Notwith­stand­ing the num­ber how old do you feel and why?

I hon­estly feel the age I am.

What is your favourite hobby or re­cre­ation, and why?

Play­ing cricket. I’ve al­ways loved the sport and I en­joy play­ing every Satur­day with my mates.

What is your hap­pi­est child­hood mem­ory?

Go­ing out on the farm with dad and sit­ting in the trac­tor and go­ing to my mum’s par­ents’ farm.

What is your favourite place to visit in the district?

Glen Rock, it’s just a lovely, quiet place to go and re­lax. What would you do if you won Lotto?

I would take some of it for my­self and set my­self up and the rest of it I would put into the fam­ily farm to make im­prove­ments and keep the busi­ness run­ning suc­cess­fully.

Who are the peo­ple you most ad­mire – dead or liv­ing?

My four grand­par­ents are the peo­ple I most ad­mire. They have all taught me so much over my life to date, whether that be in gen­eral life or to do with farm­ing. They have all been very suc­cess­ful peo­ple in their own lives and there is a lot to be learnt from them all and I am very grate­ful to have learnt from them.


FRESH FACE: Ma Ma Creek Ex­hi­bi­tion pres­i­dent Daniel Pol­lock presided over his first ex­hi­bi­tion this year to much suc­cess.

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