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A LARGER yard­ing this week saw qual­ity ex­port dearer, along with qual­ity feeder cat­tle. Trade cat­tle were in short sup­ply but fully firm while veal and light re­stock­ers were slightly dearer.

Cows: 247.2c/kg, ven­dor CM Day, 705kg, $1743.

Cows: 245.0c/kg, ven­dor PW Day, 660kg, $1617.

Dairy culls: 196.2c/kg, ven­dor B, R, H & K Lehmann, 720kg, $1413.

Meat­works bulls: 248.2c/kg, ven­dor PW Day, 800kg, $1986.

Pas­ture ox: 279.2c/kg, ven­dor L Miller & Sons, 582kg, $1624. Pas­ture steers: 274.2c/kg, ven­dor EA & JK Win­dolf, 440kg, $1206.

Grain as­sist steers: 294.2c/kg, ven­dor AG & CC Richter, 415kg, $1221.

Feeder steers (heavy): 269.2c/kg, ven­dor AG & CC Richter, 472kg, $1271.

Feeder steers: 268.2c/kg, ven­dor J & J Sep­pa­nen, 373kg, $1000.

Pas­ture heifers: 259.2c/kg, ven­dor LJ & SA Reaves, 495kg, $1283. Grain as­sisted heifers: 278.2c/kg, ven­dor A Gee, 330kg, $918.

Re­stocker steers: 265.0c/kg, ven­dor Emer­vale, 353kg, $934.

Re­stocker steers (light): 253.2c/kg, ven­dor JR & AE Sid­dans, 207kg, $524.

Vealer heifers: 217.2c/kg, ven­dor DJ & LM Gel­haar, 234kg, $508.

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