Po­lit­i­cal dam­age

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MOR­RI­SON is play­ing Mr Nice Guy but he is still as mean as ever. He is happy with the bud­get wind­fall but won’t give any money for New­start.

It hasn’t been in­creased for 25 years and the cur­rent trend shows older, not quite pen­sion age peo­ple need to rely on it. He hasn’t given pen­sion­ers bet­ter use of their own su­per money ei­ther. MPS on both sides have be­trayed us to fur­ther the UN agenda of glob­al­i­sa­tion.

They won’t help us but they still send huge amounts of money over­seas. It’s been go­ing on for decades while these same few coun­tries do noth­ing to sort out their own prob­lems. Al­low­ing the UN to hold us ac­count­able for colo­nial­ism is non­sen­si­cal.

How far back in his­tory should we go for an­ces­tral ac­count­abil­ity? Maybe the peo­ple of Rome should be pay­ing Chris­tians compo for throw­ing their an­ces­tors to the lions. Be­hav­iour has a di­rect re­la­tion­ship to the stan­dards of the times. As we evolve we learn and we amend our be­hav­iour ac­cord­ingly.

Left wing and UN plans for our atone­ment via de-in­dus­tri­al­i­sa­tion is in­san­ity. Forced fi­nan­cial repa­ra­tion for cen­turies-old deeds takes fund­ing away from the peo­ple who have con­trib­uted the most to this coun­try.

Why should they have to spend their older years in des­per­ate poverty for a crack­pot ide­ol­ogy? If our fore­fa­thers hadn’t left us a strong con­sti­tu­tion we wouldn’t have any pro­tec­tion at all. It’s al­ways the same story with politi­cians. Get elected, squeeze the life out of us, take as much as they can get for their own ben­e­fit.

Bully and dic­tate for three years then throw us a few bones so we will for­get what they did in the be­gin­ning. Pub­lic ap­a­thy and the dis­hon­est main­stream me­dia are help­ing to erode our free­dom and stan­dard of liv­ing. We need con­se­quences for the dam­age reck­less MPS do to our coun­try. — G Camp­bell, Lai­d­ley

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