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ADVERTISEM­ENT O bore water and installed a DELTA in 2015. He is now harvesting around 4000 extra bales every year. “The DELTA has made a hell of a difference here,” Robert says. “Over the whole farm we’ve gone from only doing 17-20 bales a paddock to around 40 bales. That equates to around 4000 extra bales a year due to the DELTA.” Fourth-generation Bundaberg fruit and vegetable grower Anthony Rehbein, who last year merged Bunda Ginga, Lavish Flowers and Hummock Produce to create One Little Farm, installed a DELTA water conditione­r for crops grown on bore water. Helidon lucerne grower Robert Hogan with his DELTA conditione­r. Reliant upon a salty bore for his centre pivot irrigated lucerne, Frank’s first planting after purchasing the property was a disaster with his irrigated oats failing to develop any higher than 600mm. Even more alarming was the oats he planted at the same time on nonirrigat­ed land overtook the irrigated plants to grow to over one metre. Within two weeks, he says these crops started to transform and come to life. “There was a huge reduction in leaf burn and a size increase in our commoditie­s, which in turn has resulted in an overall increase in yield. There was a remarkable change in the quality of our product because of Deltawater. I would recommend others to use the system – it’s great,” Anthony says. Alex and Dianne Panov founded Deltawater solutions more than 25 years ago Alex to manufactur­e a water treatment system to address water quality problems including salinity, scale build-up caused by calcium and magnesium, water hardness, iron and corrosion. The company is based in Newcastle and distribute­s its products across Australia and around the world. Within two cuts after installing his DELTA system he went from producing one quarter of a tonne per acre to one and a quarter tonnes. Within a month he had more than made back his investment in his new water treatment system. Results remain consistent, with his crops still averaging around one tonne. “I have more confidence when making decisions because my income has basically turned around from $7000 a month to $30,000 a month. The DELTA has a huge part to play in that,” Frank says. Helidon Lucerne grower Robert Hogan also relies heavily on his Alex Panov founded Deltawater solutions more than 25 years ago to treat water quality problems such as salinity, iron and corrosion. If you are interested in further informatio­n on how you can improve your water quality, contact the team at Valley Irrigation today. FOR ALL YOUR GENUINE FILTERS & OILS ASK IN STORE ABOUT OUR BULK BUY DEALS! Agricultur­al requiremen­ts (07) 5468 0000 75 Crescent Street, Gatton QLD 4343 agrequirem­ V1 - TGSE01Z01M­A ne thing irrigation and horticultu­re farmers have in common is the need for high quality bore water. Another thing many also have in common is that they’ve turned to 100% Australian water treatment company Deltawater solutions to keep their businesses on track. Salty bore water was wreaking havoc on western NSW farmer Frank Cox’s 40-hectare irrigated lucerne paddock but his crops are flourishin­g after installing a customdesi­gned DELTA water treatment system.

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