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Market report Brought to you by Plainland’s Mitre 10 LAIDLEY SALEYARDS MORETON SALEYARDS BEAUDESERT SALEYARDS 747 head were sold at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday 18th June 2020. The market was firm too stronger for all types, with all descriptio­ns of cattle in high demand. Boyd O’brien Bartholome­w reported a yarding of 507 head of cattle at Moreton on Tuesday 16th June 2020. Agents Bartholome­w & Co reported a yarding of 521 head of cattle at their Beaudesert Regular Cattle Sale on Saturday 20th June 2020, where all descriptio­ns remained firm to slightly dearer. Weaners were in demand, selling to a very buoyant market. Eurara Pty Ltd, Innisplain sold Euro x steers 18 months for $1,555. Charbray steers 15 months account The Viking Gard Pty Ltd, Tarome sold for $1,395. Sunkissed Quarter Horse Stud, Warrill View sold Brahman x steers 14 months for $1,275. Number 9 Charbray steers account the O’neill family, Mt Oweenee, sold for $1,205. Droughtmas­ter steers 12 months account Leon Maher, Hillview sold for $1,190. Brangus steers 14 months account Frank and Tina Browne, Moogerah sold for $1,155. Droughtmas­ter weaner steers account Liz Evans and John Rowling, Hatton Vale sold to $1,060. Les and Anthony Taber, Laidley sold Angus x weaner steers for $1,000. Santa weaner steers account Central Park Grazing, Stockleigh sold for $980. Mick Self, Pine Mountain sold Santa Hereford x weaner steers for $950. Colin Harrison, Moogerah sold Charbray heifers 2 years for $1,620. The Viking Gard Pty Ltd sold Charbray heifers 15 months for $1,170. Angus x heifers account Nicole Bachmann and Chris Drummond, Mutdapilly sold for $1,300. Francis Whitfield, Wivenhoe Pocket sold Charolais x heifers 14 months for $975. Droughtmas­ter heifers 12 months account John Hinchcliff­e, Ferny Glen sold for $970. Santa weaner heifers account Central Park Grazing sold for $985. Angus x weaner heifers account Jemalong Pastoral, Mutdapilly sold for $840. The market improved for all descriptio­ns, with cows and four and six tooth heifers selling to a very solid market. Heavy feeder steers sold well, as did quality lines of background­er steers and heifers. A top line of weaner steers and heifers came to hand and were in demand, selling to both local and travelled buyers. Karen Johanson, Marburg, sold a Murray Grey bull for $2430. Meandarra Pty Ltd, Boonah, sold Droughtmas­ter cows for $1500-$1650 and cows and calves for $1850. Jayke Jackwitz. Lowood, sold a line of Droughtmas­ter heifers with first calves at foot for $1900. Speedy Family Trust, Clumber, sold lines of Brahman cross cows for $1340, $1340 and $1310, 12-15 month old steers for $1290 & $1150, heifers for $1240 and cows and calves for $1600. Anthony Jennings, Thagoona, sold Angus cross feeder steers, 22 months, for $1800. Gerald Handley, Lockyer, sold a pen of Blonde cows for $1480. Robin Horrocks, Mt Whitestone, sold Charbray cows for $1525 and Simmental heifers for $1400. Jemma Walker, Fordsdale, sold a Brahman bull for $2000. Wayne Hanson, Thornton, sold a young Simmental bull for $2025. J & E Pratten, Kilcoy, sold Santa cows for $1430. Ken Klein, Cedarton, sold Droughtmas­ter cows for $1370. Dan Speedy, Fordsdale, sold Droughtmas­ter steers, 22 months, for $1515 and Limousin steers, 15 months, for $1360. Dan Richards, Kilcoy, sold a line of Droughtmas­ter cross steers, 16 months, for $1565. Tony Stariha, Mulgowie, sold a line of Brahman steers, 14 months, for $1130. Gina Drew, Mt Mee, sold pens of Brahman cross steers for $1240 and $1150. Collins Grazing, Anduramba, sold lines of weaner steers, with Charbrays steers making $1015, Brahman’s $1115 and Droughtmas­ters $1130. Col & Enid Harch, Summerholm, sold Droughtmas­ter steers for $1135. ALB Pastoral, Woolmar, sold 12 month old Charbray steers for $1135 and Brangus heifers for $1050. Cassie Adam & Anthony Buchanan, Toolgoolaw­ah, sold 10 month old Droughtmas­ter steers for $1100. Medina Pastoral, Mt Tarampa, sold 12 month old Euro steers for $1155 and mixed breed heifers, 12-15 months, for $1170-1365. Col Gillam, Clarendon, sold quality Charolais cross calves, 6 months, with steers making $1000 and heifers $870. Derek Schulz, Gatton, sold lines of Droughtmas­ter steers, 6-9 months, to a top of $1100, to return an average of $923. Terry and Lynn Krisanski, Moombra, sold Brahman steers for $1140. Jim and Eileen O’keeffe, Ingoldsby, sold 6 month old Charolais cross steers for $830-$970. Mick Brennan, Tenthill, sold a line of Charbray heifers for $1160. Graham Daly, Kentville, sold Angus cross heifers for $1240. Ron Gehrke, Summerholm, sold Brangus heifers with calves at foot for $1475 and Dairy cows and calves for $1500. Ben Quinn, Mt Sylvia, sold Santa cows and calves for $1700. Charbray Heifers 2 yrs, A/C Colin Harrison, Moogerah sold for $1,620 at Beaudesert. PHOTO: SUPPLIED Droughtmas­ter cross re-stocker heifers account Manchester Grazing Co, Kholo sold for 399.2c/kg weighing 95kg to return $379. Stark Contractin­g, Anduramba sold Droughtmas­ter cross re-stocker steers for 401.2 c/kg weighing 262.5kg returning $1053. Euro cross yearling heifers account DE & MB Heck, Fernvale sold for 353.2c/kg weighing 325.7kg to return $1150. Cair Conditioni­ng Pty Ltd, Mt Sylvia sold Charolais cross yearling steers for 398.2c/kg to weigh 273kg and return $1087. Droughtmas­ter cross vealer heifers account Stark Contractin­g, Anduramba sold for 380.2c/kg weighing 224.4kg returning $853. P & J Watson, Toogoolawa­h sold Belmont Red cross vealer steers for 381.2c/kg that weighed 228.3kg to return $870. Light Charbray feeder steers account HR Veivers & DM Collins, Mt Archer sold for 390.2c/kg weighing 375kg returning $1463. JG & BJ Bishop, Luscombe sold Charolais cross heavy feeder heifers for 356.2c/kg to weigh 387.5kg and return $1380. DS & VM Mcalpine, Lanefield sold Droughtmas­ter cross heavy feeder steers for 393.2c/kg weighing 475kg returning $1867. Four tooth pasture fed Santa cross steers account RT & HK Cowan, Charlwood sold for 361.2c/kg weighing 505kg to return $1824. MK Conroy of Bryden sold Charbray grain assist heifers for 380.2c/kg to weigh 394kg returning $1498. Angus cross grain assist steers account Gold Coast Pastoral Co, Currumbin sold for 389.2c/kg weighing 437.2kg to return $1701. DE & MB Heck of Fernvale sold Limousin cross cows for 309.2c/kg to weigh 625kg and return $1932. MK Conroy, Bryden sold Bazadais cross cows for 305c/kg weighing 710kg to return $2165. Medium Brahman cows account of Ashley Harrison, Sandy Creek sold for 300c/kg weighing 520kg to return $1560. Susan Jenkins, Eskdale sold a Droughtmas­ter bull for 320.2c/kg to weigh 800kg and return $2561. WOODFORD SALEYARDS 446 head were sold on Monday 22nd June at Stariha Auctions Woodford cattle sale. All descriptio­ns sold to high rates, with competitio­n strong between restockers, processors and feedlots. Joaquin and Vi Tapiolas, Kingscrub, sold Brangus cows for $1720, 7-8 month old Droughtmas­ter cross steers for $910 and 5-6 month old Droughtmas­ter steers for $800. Calli & Co, Mount Mee, sold a line of Charbray steers, 18-20 months, for $1400. Christine Rowe, Laceys Creek, sold a line of Charolais cows and calves for $1775 and Charolais steers, 8 months, for $945. Anthony Kupfer, Neurum, sold Droughtmas­ter cows for $1390 and cows and calves for $1640. Carla Vener, Mooloolah, sold Droughtmas­ter steers for $1175. GAF Pty Ltd, Bald Knob, sold Dairy cows for $1310. Andrew Smeeton, Widgee, sold an Angus bull for $2120. Gerald Carseldine, Wamuran, sold a Charolais bull for $1800 and cows and calves for $1525. David Mccowan, Kilcoy, sold Charbray cows for $1520. Bob Nicholls, Woodford, sold lines of Droughtmas­ter steers for $1375, $1205, 1205 and $1095. David Perry, Mt Kilcoy, sold a line of Droughtmas­ter steers, 8-10 months, for $1035. Jonathon Twist, Mount Carbine, sold Brahman heifer calves for $620. James & Enid Pratten, Kilcoy, sold Droughtmas­ter male calves, 6 months, for $825. Terry Bottrell, Kurwongbah, sold Droughtmas­ter steers for $1130. David & Elizabeth Spring, Harlin, sold Charolais cross steers for $1250 and $1005. Ben Woodford, Toogoolawa­h, sold Droughtmas­ter heifers for $1110. Bev Jensen, Kilcoy, sold a line of Droughtmas­ter cross steer calves for $770. Baker & Haseler, Dayboro, sold a line of Charolais cross heifers, 6-8 months, for $800. B & S Kuhn, Kilcoy, sold 6-7 month old Droughtmas­ter weaners, with steers making $860 and heifers $740. SILVERDALE SALEYARDS Market report from the Silverdale Liveweight Cattle Sale, Wednesday 17th June 2020 (551 Head). Auctioneer­s Comments: Market firm to dearer for export cattle with feeders firm on last week’s rate. Young cattle slightly dearer. Heavy Cows: 304.2c/kg, Keanbah P/L, 595kg, $1810. Pen of Cows: 298.2c/kg, G Harris, 536kg, $1600. Dairy Cull Cows: 248.2c/kg, DL & DP Abraham, 600kg, $1489. Bulls: 323.2c/kg, AR & J Crocker, 935kg, $3022. Ox: 356.2c/kg, Ferling Past Co, 609kg, $2169. Milk Tooth Heavy Steers: 371.2c/kg, Bradley Hohenhaus, 600kg, $2227. Feeder Steers: 395.2c/kg, M Wheeler, 463kg, $1830. Trade Heifers: 391.2c/kg, DG & AM Joseph, 420kg, $1643. Heavy Heifers: 340.2c/kg, West Farms, 570kg, $1939. Feeder Heifers: 368.2c/kg, E Sweeney, 282kg, $1040. Feed On Steers: 377.2c/kg, Allenview Park, 350kg, $1320. Vealer Heifers: 389.2c/kg, L & BR Winks, 212kg, $826. Vealer Steers: 387.2c/kg, Graham Paine, 210kg, $813. QUALITY IRONBARK 18 Cemetery Rd, Plainland (off Warrego Highway) (07) 5465 6648 SPLITS & ROUNDS W P IN STOCK! V1 - TGSE01Z01M­A

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