Gatton Star : 2020-06-24

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Rainfall in Our Region this Week Tuesday June 23, 2020 Showing totals for the Week ending rainfall amounts are in millimetre­s (25.4mm equals 1inch) LOCKYER FARM MACHINERY The rainchart has been a feature of for over thirty years but sadly this is farewell. Our thanks to: The Star Chilla Johnstone, the then Editor who commission­ed the rainchart way back in 1988 - thankyou Chilla; Bruce Horrocks, the Manager, who ensured the rainchart continued after Chilla retired - thanks Bruce; each of the Editors and Journalist­s we've liaised with at -- it's been great to work with you all; The Star Lockyer Farm Machinery and previous sponsors - your support of the rainchart is much appreciate­d; all the rainfall observers who have contribute­d raindata over the years, many since 1988. Without your dedication and reliabilit­y the rainchart could not have been. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all! those readers of whose interest in rainfall made this such a popular feature of the newspaper. The Star ... Farewell from Christophe­r Cobb and the crew at Weathergra­phics weathergra­ WEEKLY TOTALS 8 8 3 7 4 3 5 3 3 5 5 5 9 12 5 8 8 7 1 3 8 10 na na na ©2020 Weathergra­phics~rainwatch AGCO GENUINE LUBRICANTS WE ARE YOUR AUTHORISED DONALDSON STOCKIST Don’t risk it. WE CAN SUPPLY FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FOR: We take pride in knowing that the lubricants we supply AGRICULTUR­AL & INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY are to the manufactur­er’s specificat­ions, ensuring the ON FARM VEHICLES longevity of your precious farm equipment. You can rest assured that the lubricants you are using meet the specific AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLES requiremen­ts of your machine. BULK FUEL SOLUTIONS Always insist on Genuine AGCO Lubricants. FILTER KITS TO SUIT 4WD VEHICLES ALSO AVAILABLE 1 Western Drive, Gatton QLD 4343 LOCKYER FARM MACHINERY Phone:(07) 5462 1888 www. lockyerfar­ TGSE01Z01M­A - V1

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