Gatton Star : 2020-06-24



ADVERTISEM­ENT Jim Savage – Independen­t for Lockyer What have the major parties done for Lockyer in the past 15 years? I am not here as a result of Party branch stacking or outside influences The must not be ignored any longer. Too many parents have watched their family destroyed by drugs. My own children have been offered drugs. This is not acceptable. I have a plan, but I need community input. So many closed shops here. Will more close due to joblessnes­s and lack of money in the community? We are blessed with the best soil and farmers in the country. Prosperous farmers mean a prosperous community. Everyone wins! I will ensure nothing impedes the process of bringing to our under-utilised dams. More water = more productive acreage, more produce-moneyjobss­pending-reopened shopscarav­an parks- tourists etc. I will do everything I can to enable the establishm­ent of the hi tech fruit and vegetable food processing plant at Withcott (so far with no worthwhile interest from government). Hundreds of new jobs and increased acreage of crops will bring enormous benefits. We should all say no to lower standard food imports. to basics and stop this toxic brainwashi­ng which is replacing real education (congratula­tions to the schools that do not teach such rubbish). drug problem in Lockyer This nonsense is embraced by both LNP and Labor. major parties have imperilled The our economic and cultural traditions. Party MPS have little say but rather shut up to keep their endorsemen­t from the party secure. Only an independen­t can speak up for you without fear. I will put a private member’s bill to not merely a review as proposed by the LNP. stop full term abortion, Nine month old babies’ lives matter too! loss of Christian values and ethics Wivenhoe I lament the water in our society. We have no strong leaders to protect them! The Inland Rail is a good concept for Australia, but in its current form it is of no benefit to the Lockyer valley. It needs some changes. I will place stepping stones not stumbling blocks to our economic and social wellbeing. I am sick of politics as usual. We are in a cultural war and at times it seems our leaders are on the other side. Has not corona virus taught us anything about self sufficienc­y? Do you want change? Major parties accept donations from Chinese donors, a debt and influence. must be built, not just talked about, to make the Warrego highway crossings safe. How long have we waited for action? Plans have been in place for years. LNP promises were again made last election. Nothing happened! Have you given up hope or become exhausted with it all? Give me a go to show you it’s not over. if we are prepared to change the way we do political business. I will contest the seat of Lockyer in the next state election in October. Until an open free talking hard working fair dinkum Member of Parliament represents the Lockyer Valley nothing will change. No more dysfunctio­nal greedy uncaring political parties that care more for their own internal selfish agendas and survival than the community they are supposed to represent. Political parties work mainly for themselves. I left One Nation for this reason. I am married (23 years), live in Gatton and have four teenage daughters attending a local high school. Formerly my family farmed at Beaudesert on our mixed farming property, “Bromelton house”. Your local party MP has his vote cast by the party, not himself. Lockyer is not on the radar of the big city boys who run the Liberal Party. Long gone is the old National party. Dead and buried. can put the handbrake on their excesses and selfishnes­s. can make the noise to be heard. Party MPS keep quiet and do as they are told. A hung parliament gives an always repaid in favours Overpasses We can do great things What have you got to lose? Only an independen­t I am a working man not a career public servant. I have a sound understand­ing of business (former CEO) and farming. I farmed for over 30 years, cropping and cattle. I gained negotiatio­n skills working for oil companies Chevron, Oilsearch and Exxon Mobil in PNG, negotiatin­g with the landowners for the company executives. I am respectful­ly asking for your vote in October. Please give me the opportunit­y to show Only an independen­t I do not accept the “renewables religion”, political correctnes­s, divisive identity politics, transgende­r promotion, drag queen story reading to preschoole­rs and which has been introduced by both Labor and LNP in Qld and NSW. A socialist progressio­n is creeping through our children’s education in some schools. We must make our schools better, get back independen­t MP enormous influence to do good for his electorate. The better government­s we’ve had in the last 30 years have all been minority government­s with full term abortion I am a man of my word and will make Lockyer great again. independen­ts holding the balance of power. Jim Savage | | Phone: 0417 633 570 Important issues; water: food processing plant: vegetation management: abortion: drugs: education-safe schools program: right to farm: Warrego highway overpasses: state forest hunting: dept child safety overhaul: small business grants: penalty rates: MPS’ pay rises vs community pay rises: self sufficienc­y: manufactur­ing: forest fire management. V1 - TGSE01Z01M­A

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