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TRENDING 28 WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU Goals, tipple, telly for some workers VIRAL VIDEO Kirill Nesterenko reported a 300 per cent jump in inquiries from Australian businesses. However, most Australian­s believed they were just as productive whether working from home or the office. A Dynata report found almost 40 per cent considered themselves more productive while a third reported levels remained the same. Inventium chief maker and productivi­ty expert Dr Amantha Imber said a worker’s decision to watch TV or pop to the shops on work time was only an issue if it affected their ability to achieve their goals. “It’s incredibly old-fashioned for managers to focus on hours rather than output,” she said. “All managers need to focus on is making sure staff have clear goals and expectatio­ns so if they can meet that in four hours of their day then spend the other four hours watching Netflix, in theory MELANIE BURGESS AUSTRALIAN­S have been taking advantage of working from home, with more than a third watching TV on company time and one in 10 admitting to drinking. Exclusive figures from Dynata revealed a quarter of more than 1000 surveyed Australian­s were also knocking off early and 41 per cent were going shopping or running errands. While some companies downloaded monitoring software onto workers’ computers to keep an eye on their progress, others encouraged staff to embrace their newfound flexibilit­y. Software companies Worktime and Hubstaff both reported significan­t increases in demand for their employee monitoring products since COVID-19 forced many employees to work from home. Worktime chief executive First look at Wentworth series 8 New research reveals more than one third of Aussies working from home are watching TV on company time. FANS of hit prison drama have been treated to a new season 8 trailer ahead of next month’s premiere There’s a new leader at the helm and four heritage characters from the original series set to shake things up. Marta Dusseldorp joins the cast as Sheila Bausch. Picture: istock Wentworth there that.” Schiavello Group People & Culture Consulting behavioura­l data analyst Samantha Smith agreed taking breaks is no problem with throughout the work day did not necessaril­y lead to reduced productivi­ty. “We need to remember primarily working from home is about trust and empowering employees to do the right thing,” she said. “If the work isn’t being jeopardise­d in any way, there isn’t any reason we can’t manage our day as we see fit.” Prisoner From The mt Sylvia STATE School community Mount Sylvia State School Community laments the loss of the printed copy of the Gatton Star. Over the years the Gatton Star has featured in the school community through support and coverage of events and activities. The teaching staff have used it in the classrooms for learning activities including English, Maths and Science. “I have been studying feature articles so I have been able to use the paper to see how journalist­s have used their skills” said Matikah. Adrian added, “I know you can get it online but it is not the same as having the paper copy in your hands”. Zahra said,“the Gatton Star has always been useful in our classrooms as we use it as a learning opportunit­y such as the Letters to the Editor for persuasive text. Over all the Mount Sylvia State School community is saddened by the loss of the print edition of our local newspaper. Copies of the Gatton Star are kept in the library as a historical record of events such as the Up the Creek Festival and the school gardening competitio­ns in which students have competed. We will miss the print edition arriving each Wednesday at our school gate. For the staff at the Gatton Star, we say thank you and wish you all the best for future. 6 Left Hand Branch Road, Mount Sylvia Q 4343 | Ph: 07 5462 6245 TGSE01Z01M­A - V1

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