Gatton Star : 2020-06-24

TRENDING : 29 : 29


Mulgowie Cleaned & Cut green Beans available in supermarke­t shelves in Your area. Mulgowie Farming Compan We live in an ever changing world where we rarely have time to enjoy the better things in life. At Mulgowie, our mission is to provide you and your family with the best quality, Australian produce every day to fulfil your needs. We have a deep commitment to sustainabl­y managing our land and producing nutritiona­lly rich plant-base food to support health and wellbeing. Over the generation­s, farming has changed dramatical­ly, and we have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of those changes, both here in Australia and globally. We have also seen many changes i the way our customers buy and us our products and are very aware of the consumer’s love of innovation in fresh food. Many thanks for your support over the years and we value you as our customer. Fabian Carniel, CEO Mulgowie Farming Company 7181042aa V1 - TGSE01Z01M­A

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