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MOTORING 34 WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU TIME CRISIS ROADSIDE ASSIST IAIN CURRY GETS ANSWERS That speaks volumes. ANTI-DIESEL WRITE TO MOTORING AT Will the new Ford Ranger have a petrol engine as an option? I’m not keen on diesels. CARS@NEWS.COM.AU Shane Roberts, email Not for a 4WD Ranger … unless it was a petrolhybr­id. Some form of electrific­ation will be in utes in coming years. If you’re keen on a petrol ute, maybe have a look at the new Jeep Gladiator. I’m looking at buying a base model Toyota Corolla. Would it be better before June 30 or at the end of the year? Will there be better bargains in December? WHY BUY GERMAN? Peter Mitchell, email Re Harry Mistry’s search for a reliable secondhand luxury car, forget the BMW, Mercedes or Audi and buy a Lexus. Legendary Toyota quality and longevity, loaded with technology and a smooth luxury ride. It’s impossible to know, but with lean sales in recent months, dealers will be desperate to shift stock. A Corolla Ascent Sport (auto gearbox) is $28,245 drive-away, but try your luck negotiatin­g down. For guaranteed long-term money saving, pay $1300 more and get the Hybrid version — it uses 4.2L/100km versus the petrol — only 6L/100km. Brad Midson, email Fair call. Lexus regularly tops quality surveys, both overseas and locally. UNDERCOVER WARNING LIFE SAVING CALL Can I fit seat covers to my 2019 Toyota Camry? The front seats have airbags so I want to make sure they still work properly and I won’t invalidate my insurance. The debate about “electronic crap” in modern cars is understand­able, but I think the greatest contributo­r in reducing the road toll is the mobile phone. Emergency workers will tell you response time to an accident is most critical. Increased mobile ownership and coverage means it’s the unsung hero in saving lives on our roads. eventually filled the tank, but still no detail. Why do they break promises and how should we handle it? $800 — a reduced rate for goodwill. The Mazda dealer advised the warranty was extended to ten years for this very dashboard issue, but this was never brought to our attention at previous services. Michael Lucini, email Megan Cahill, email Excellent question. You must check if your seats have airbags — many modern cars do, including your Camry. Ask your dealer, read your manual or looks for “SRS” badges on the seat to confirm. If yes, don’t fit convention­al slip-on covers or the consequenc­es could be disastrous. Many aftermarke­t covers today feature a slit in the sides — or have stitching that bursts open — to allow the airbag to deploy. ANCAP doesn’t test any aftermarke­t products, and ANCAP spokeswoma­n Rhianne Robson says: “With any modificati­on or alteration, it is important to ensure that in-built safety systems are not compromise­d.” I feel the chance of incorrect fitment (or the chance of them moving during use) is too high to justify covers on such seats. I can’t find a car brand offering genuine accessory covers for seats with airbags. Was the promise of fuel and a detail in a written contract? If so, suggest Fair Trading take a look. If it was a verbal agreement, you’re relying on their honesty, which appears lacking in this case. The simple solution is to give them no business in future. Honest dealers are out there. Greg Peloso, email Ron Ashmore, email Sadly, Mazda Australia won’t give us comment on individual cases. The melting dashboard is a known issue on this generation Mazda, and some owners have been given compliment­ary replacemen­t dashboards but asked to pay labour. My research suggests all have been under ten years old, so you just miss out. If your dash wasn’t melting before, I understand why the dealer didn’t instigate a precaution­ary fix. You could try the ACCC but it’s a big ask for a 2009 vehicle. Try Mazda Australia again, citing the number of times they’ve helped customers with just this issue. If no joy, a good dash mat’s your best solution. Really good point but it gives with one hand and takes with the other. Far too many accidents are caused by drivers being distracted by phones. ALL IN THE DETAIL MELTING MAZDA Our son recently bought a used ute from a dealer with an agreement it would come full of fuel and detailed. He was put under huge pressure to buy the dealer’s window tinting, rust proofing, extended servicing and to take out a loan rather than pay cash. He declined all. On collecting the car, no fuel or detail. They We’ve owned a 2009 Mazda3 SP25 since new, it’s only travelled 50,000km and has had no issues except recently the dashboard is literally melting. It has a sticky surface and glare is an issue, and Mazda has said it’s not covered under warranty. I’ve been told a replacemen­t dashboard and labour will cost Building Permit? 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Q8CC A533673 Ph 0427 330 061 Ken Murray 5795430aa GATTON SHOW SOCIETY MAKE A DIFFERENCE – SHOP WHERE YOU LIVE is proud of its long associatio­n with GATTON LOCKYER AND BRISBANE VALLEY STAR • When you shop locally, you’re supporting a small business owner’s dream & local jobs • You put your money where your heart is & where your family live • Businesses can donate more to worthy causes within the community • Your dollars stay here to help pay for roads, school & local events We thank you for your many years of help and support of our annual show Don’t forget that our 2020 show has been cancelled due to ongoing Covid Restrictio­ns but we look forward to a bigger and better Show and Dairy Showcase in 2021 Think Local. Buy Local. Support Local. Cr132885aa TGSE01Z01M­A - V1

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