Gatton Star : 2020-06-24

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MOTORING 36 WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU The allure of electric cars is growing and Hyundai has entered the fray with one of the best on the market LONG-TERM ROAD TEST KEL & GRANT EDWARDS I nterest surroundin­g the electric revolution is surging. While sales of hybrid and electric vehicles remain low, the tide is turning. Toyota’s range of hybrids, like the RAV4 and Corolla, are playing a pivotal role in the rising popularity. Tesla has helped make electric cars cool. Now mainstream carmakers are attacking the market. Over the past two months our family sampled daily life with Hyundai’s full electric Ioniq. FIRST IMPRESSION­S GRANT: Welcome to the future. All the automotive big guns are headed this direction. We’re quite the trailblaze­rs. During work breaks I can now hug trees and release spiders found inside back to the wild. Yes, zero emissions. But there is the problem of recharging using electricit­y from coal-fired power plants, and the CO2 produced during the manufactur­ing process. Surely this is better for the environmen­t though over the long term? Absolutely, and we’ve been recharging during the day and using solar power. I’m now working on my latest tofu recipes in between yoga classes. Most importantl­y the Ioniq has a range of just above 300km. I’m far more comfortabl­e with that figure. Very few people travel longer distances in a day and it means less of the dreaded range anxiety. KEL: GRANT: GREENER HOUSEHOLD KEL: GRANT: KEL: GRANT: little confusion. I find connecting the Bluetooth and navigating to different radio stations really easy. the latest and the best. It’s got everything I’d expect and more, like ventilated and heated seats as well as a heated steering wheel (awesome for winter). Quite right. The leather trim, keyless entry with push-button start, eight-speaker Infinity sound system, 10.25-inch touchscree­n with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, it ticks all the vital boxes. The fact I have a spot to put my phone, wallet, keys or whatever I’m carrying without having to put them into the console is really handy. It also has a wireless phone charger if you have a modern device. KEL: GRANT: You’re spot-on, everything is clearly labelled and this Premium version has some quality gear. For nearly $60,000 drive-away I’d expect THE LIVING SPACE GRANT: KEL: During recent years I have become a fan of the Hyundai set-up. It makes sense and there’s KEL: NOW ON SALE! UNTIL 30TH JUNE 2020 $999 $599 7999 $ $2 499 99 $ $6Ω SAVE $3Ω SAVE $20Ω SAVE Hand Sanitiser 500ml $2Ω $3Ω SAVE SAVE Dettol Berrcom Instant Hand Sanitiser 200ml Lavisse Lavisse Non-contact Infrared Thermomete­r Hand Sanitiser 60ml Hand Sanitiser 60ml Twin Pack Always read the instructio­ns for use. Follow the instructio­ns for use. NOW NOW $599 $199 $5999 NOW $229 Palmolive WHILE STOCKS LAST 50¢Ω $30Ω SAVE SAVE Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Refill 1 Litre Palmolive Biovent Biovent Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Pump 250ml Surgical Face Mask - individual Surgical Face Mask - 50 Pack Always read the instructio­ns for use. Follow the instructio­ns for use. WAS $6.99 Adult & Kid’s N95 masks available - see in store! WAS $2.99 Ω Savings claims are based on the Supplier Recommende­d Retail Price. Plainland Pharmacist Advice Laidley Pharmacy Hatton Vale Pharmacy Shop A 4424 Warrego Highway, Plainland QLD 4341 Ph: 5411 4240 125 Patrick St, Laidley Ph: 07 5465 1297 Hatton Vale Neighbourh­ood Centre, 1A Fairway Dr, Hatton Vale Ph: 07 5418 6253 Flu Vaccinatio­n Bookings: Flu Vaccinatio­n Bookings: Flu Vaccinatio­n Bookings: Flu Vaccinatio­ns $18.99 Book In Store/online Now! TGSE01Z01M­A - V1

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