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STARS 38 WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU Stars With Patsy Bennett, author of Astrology: Secrets of the Moon Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer THE good news is Mars will be in Aries until December, which will boost morale and improve your energy levels over upcoming weeks. You’ll just need to guard against behaving more aggressive­ly, which others may see as bossy. Keep an eye out for key changes midweek that spell a fresh chapter at work, and important news at work or health-wise. WE are now between two eclipses, and this can be an intense time, so all the more important to maintain perspectiv­e and avoid conflict, as arguments could spring from nowhere and lead only to more conflict unless you’re careful now. Key developmen­ts midweek will signal the viability - or not - of a project and financial plan. MERCURY, your sign’s ruler, will bring key news midweek that could alter the way you see yourself and the way others see you too. You may need to renegotiat­e a shared project, duty or financial matter and will gain the chance to put in place a fresh plan of action or agreement. Just ensure you approach circumstan­ces with the facts. YOU’LL receive key news midweek that may be unexpected. If you’ve been planning a trip, you will gain informatio­n about the viability of your plans. A collaborat­ion or team effort will merit a re-think this week too. You may find that a reunion or a return to a circumstan­ce will be beneficial. Just avoid allowing expectatio­ns to exceed reality. Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio YOU’LL appreciate increased freedom of movement and a change of company or of routine will be refreshing. You may not see eye to eye with everyone this week and may even be surprised by someone’s reaction to your ideas. A work or health matter will deserve attention midweek as you could achieve a great deal then. You may return to a previous schedule. DEVELOPMEN­TS may well surprise you as you’ll get the chance to reconnect with someone special, but may also need to pay attention to someone who needs your help. A family, creative or personal circumstan­ce is due for considerab­le developmen­ts and you’ll gain the chance to put in place a fresh plan of action that suits you better. KEY news and developmen­ts midweek will signal the chance to recommence an activity or work choice that could take you into more exciting territory. In the process, a health matter will need to be addressed. A business or personal partner will be a surprise bridge to new activities. Developmen­ts will be open for discussion over domestic matters. HOW will you fit all your plans and activities into the week? You are likely to feel increasing­ly motivated and will need to find ways to manage your chores and extracurri­cular activities so that you are not run off your feet and feel fatigued. Key discussion­s to do with home, family and someone special will bear fruit as long as you are true to your real gut feelings and aims. Sagittariu­s Capricorn Aquarius Pisces A change in your daily routine will include the chance to review your finances and the way you share these and delegate duties. It’s a good time to look for fair and equal ways to divide chores. Someone may feel under the weather and if it’s you, ensure you take things step by step. Key talks midweek will reveal a better understand­ing of your circumstan­ces. KEY news, a reunion and talks may come as a surprise. You may need to go over old ground with a personal or health matter. A domestic or family matter will require focus especially if someone is under the weather - including you. Help is available. Finances will benefit from a careful review so that you are super-clear about where you stand. Be realistic and practical. THE past has a big hand to play in your week, and you’ll appreciate the chance to resume some activities you left behind in April, although some will require a little tact and discernmen­t. A work or health review will be beneficial and could put you in a strong position. But if you focus only on what is not working well for you now, life will feel disappoint­ing. Take positive action instead. SURPRISE news this week could put you in a stronger position. You may return to a previous circumstan­ce to do with a friend, group or organisati­on and this will offer you the chance to negotiate a stronger relationsh­ip or agreement. This is a good week to put in place a more secure budget, especially if you have overspent in the past. Your weekly horoscope, starting Saturday patsybenne­ttastrolog­ for readings or ADVERTISEM­ENT Ma Ma Creek is ready to welcome you out of isolation. The Community Markets are back, and the locals are excited about launching a new era for the Community Hall. The Ma Ma Creek community saw 2020 in with an action-packed program. They hosted a ‘Clean-up Australia Day’ event, and a well-attended pre-election market in March, complete with Pipe Band, before the world headed into lockdown. It has been a most unusual year, and for the first time since Tasmanian Tigers roamed the continent, there will be no Ma Ma Creek Exhibition this year. Along with the Ekka, the Royal Sydney Show, and our local shows, the Exhibition has been cancelled in line with restrictio­ns imposed for public safety. The Exhibition Committee, however, have not been idle. With additional planning time, they are gearing up to make next year’s Exhibition the best yet. The youthful executive is keen to go ahead with a return to the bush dance and cast a fresh eye over the day’s proceeding­s. Exhibition Committee President, Daniel Pollock, said that the bush dance will go ahead on the night of the 25th of July this year, subject to pandemic progressio­n and restrictio­ns. The Hall committee have also been busy. They are pleased to report that the Gambling Community Benefit funded kitchen refurbishm­ent is nearing completion and will soon be available for bookings again. There were hints about a kitchen opening celebratio­n later this year. Hall Co-ordinator Eva Schmidt is excited about the opportunit­ies the new kitchen provides. The Hall has a proud history as a venue of celebratio­ns, both joyful and solemn. It has hosted weddings, birthdays, reunions, funerals, remembranc­e events, music concerts, school plays, and exhibition­s. With the addition of a commercial grade kitchen, it can now offer a space for start-up enterprise­s, and provide on-site catering facilities. The Committee is in secret negotiatio­n with the Murrumba Pipe Band to put a “Ceilidh”, a Scottish Highland Dance, in the booking sheets, with details to be revealed when restrictio­ns allow scheduling. The Ma Ma Markets are starting up again, with the first post-isolation Market to be held on Saturday the 11th of July from 7 - 12 o’clock. Live music will be provided by the talented Ambrey Sisters. While their famous friendly morning teas will be off the menu in the short term, you will still be able to pick up fresh produce, native plants with profession­al nursery advice, culinary delights including wurst, locally crafted items like paintings, woodcraft and artisan soaps, amazing fabrics for quilting, and recycled treasures; all the while observing social distancing etiquette. Hot drinks and treats will be available from the Ma Ma Milk Bar, who will celebrate their 110th birthday later this year. Space exists for more stalls, both inside the hall and out, with very reasonable fees. Contact 0407 122 325 for more informatio­n. 7181131aa TGSE01Z01M­A - V1

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