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NEWS 04 WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU Organic farmers go digital Bauer team dig up old memories, stories from their time in the media ALI KUCHEL about other farmers were beneficial to running his organic business. “We need to as a business to know what other farmers are doing. Anything on agricultur­e in the paper helps,” he said. His co-managing director Trudy Townson recalled winning a barrel race at the Ropeley Round Up, defeating top barrel racing champions in her horseridin­g days. Of course, Mr Johnstone was busy covering the event and asked Mrs Townson for a photo. “He said ‘let’s use this barrel and get the shot’. The horse was in fast mode and I couldn’t slow her down and we knocked the barrel because we were trying to go slow,” she said. Mrs Townson said with the taking the next chapter online, although she was sad to see the printed version disappear, (particular­ly for the older folk …. and for reading in the bath), she would sign up to the digital service. “I can’t stand not knowing; you see the picture and wonder what that story is about,” she said. ORGANIC farmer Rob Bauer is no stranger to having his photo in the paper, but it was an issue in the late ’90s he recalls as being instrument­al. Bauer’s Organic Farm was running tours and would meet busloads of tourists at Lake Apex, but the toilets were constantly untidy. Although the facilities were in reasonable condition, the toilets were dirty and rarely had toilet paper. Mr Bauer, who farms in Mount Sylvia, said the farm invited former editor Chilla Johnston for a visit. “We used to take the toilet paper in and set it up ourselves, but we thought Chilla could help,” Mr Bauer said. “The toilets improved after that.” Like many readers, Mr Bauer will miss Wednesdays, when he walks the bin down the driveway and returns to the house with his As a farmer in the Lockyer Valley, he said agricultur­al stories Gatton Star Gatton Star. SEE MORE, MUCH MORE CHANGING TIMES: Bauers Organic Farm managing directors Phil Bauer, Trudy Townson and Rob Bauer. INSET: Trudy Townsen in a photo captured by Chilla Johnston at the Ropeley Round-up. See the Bauer Organic Farm video online Pictures: Ali Kuchel / Supplied Scott BUCHHOLZ MP Wright Federal Member for It’s never been more important to buy Australian than right now! Buy Local - Eat Local Enjoy Local Keep Business Local BE COVIDSAFE Download the COVIDSAFE App today to protect yourself, your family and our community. Authorised by S. Buchholz, Liberal National Party of Queensland, 21 William Street, Beaudesert QLD 4285. 7163692af TGSE01Z01M­A - V1

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