Gatton Star : 2020-06-24

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NEWS 05 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 Impy Hotel burns to ashes Historic pub destroyed in catastroph­ic blaze DOMINIC ELSOME surroundin­g buildings, but thanks to the work of the fireys they were able to be saved. The site where the hotel once stood remains empty today, nearly five years later. Despite a thorough investigat­ion, the probe into the fire was finalised in early 2017 with no charges laid. Gatton CIB detective Sergeant Tim Bourke told the in 2017 there wasn’t enough evidence. “At this time the available evidence does not support the charging of a person and/or persons with arson,” Sgt Bourke said. The firefighte­r pictured, Brad Jeffs, would go on to become the Gatton Fire Station officer in later years. IT WAS a moment of peace after a night of heartache. Chloe Kean was snapped bringing food to Queensland Fire and Rescue officer Brad Jeffs following the fire that destroyed the historic Imperial Hotel in Gatton. Just before 1am on November 6, 2015, the historic pub went up in flames. Thirty-five firefighte­rs rushed to try to combat the blaze but the hotel could not be saved. Just four months earlier it had been condemned by a fire inspector, which meant no one was in the hotel when the blaze started – likely saving lives. The blaze also damaged the Gatton Star SEE MORE, MUCH MORE HELPING HAND: Chloe Kean offers food to Brad Jeffs from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Toowoomba branch after he attended the fire that destroyed the Imperial Hotel Gatton in 2015. See all the amazing photograph­s from the years in our online gallery Picture: Francis Witsenhuys­en Mayor’s dog used to collect papers even if I am standing in a garden, perched up on musical equipment or standing under a giant “fake” broccoli. And I reflect on the incredible staff we have, and have had in our organisati­on who commenced at the I will miss the local paper in its physical form. My dad bought me a golden Labrador for my ninth birthday. I taught him to collect the He learnt quickly. Unfortunat­ely my he was an over achiever and one morning I went out and he had collected half the papers from up our street – all which I then had to return. I HAVE fond memories as a Laidley Shire Councillor of first meeting Chilla Johnston, the then editor of the who religiousl­y attended our council meeting. And I will say meetings 20 years ago were a whole lot different today, I can assure you. Reporting on council meetings was done via pen and a notebook and I will say Chilla was very accurate with capturing and recording what was said, staying back after the meeting to ask more questions. What a different world we live in, as everyone with a mobile phone is now a “journalist” loosely speaking. Overall I can say the relationsh­ip between council and our local paper has been respectful and profession­al. We have celebrated the fun and happy times but also the sad and distressin­g times. Our paper has captured our history and given us opportunit­y to collate it in family scrapbooks for our children’s children. There has been a wonderful conduit between council and community. I reflect back with a smile on two particular journos … Dom and his assistance to the Murphys Creek community to open their long anticipate­d time capsule ….at the expense of his leather belt for his trousers …. ask him. Ali and her creative methodolog­y in capturing photos, Engineered for you. Gatton Star, Gatton Star. Gatton Star. Welded & Bolted Frames. No Lightweigh­t Brackets! End-to-end Process: we are with you from start to finish – LVRC Mayor Tanya Milligan V1 - TGSE01Z01M­A

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