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NEWS 09 GATTONSTAR.COM.AU WEDNESDAY JUNE 24 2020 Star GM’S farewell to region BRUCE HORROCKS would not recover the losses but in typical fashion the affected areas all rose to be stronger than ever before. When bushfires ravaged the region last year, again the tenacity of the residents shone through. As I said, it is 10 years almost to the day since I became the manager, and I have seen the valleys grow enormously in my time. The has embraced that growth to become one of the largest circulatin­g community papers in the state. I am a firm believer that these events and all the other community activities in the region helped strengthen the region as a place to live, work and play, and that is the reason I always felt this paper should support as many community events as possible. IS IT the end of an era or the start of a new one? Whichever it is, there is a change coming to your local newspaper. I am in my second stint here and this particular one has lasted 12 years, 10 of them as manager and ironically, I finish the same week as the print edition. As I go, I must pay tribute to the wonderful communitie­s that make up the readership area. The residents of this area are both resilient and tenacious as we saw in the 2011 floods, which swept across the area. The region was just recovering from 2011 when local areas were again flooded in 2013. There were fears many TEN YEARS AGO: Prime minister John Howard met with Lowood local Coral Larson during a meeting in Esk regarding the droughts. Star Picture: Archive PM’S visit to region captured in drought chat Star’s DOMINIC ELSOME 2007 when the then PM came to Lowood. It was described as the “most esteemed” visit to the Esk Shire since Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1954. Four hundred locals gathered at the show hall to meet the prime minister. Reporter Elizabeth Pullen described the scene as “like the show days of old, townspeopl­e arrived with shoes and cars polished, ties and brooches pinned”. The visit came just a few months before Australia’s second longest serving PM was ousted by Kevin Rudd. It also came at the height of the millennium drought, so water was a hot topic at the town hall event. “I’ve spent some time with your irrigators and truly it is a really grim and stark sight,” the prime minister said. “The drought is really causing enormous hardships on the community, all the irrigators and all the people in country Australia.” Mayor of the time Graeme Lehmann had earlier asked the PM to “organise some rain” for the region. THEY say a picture paints a thousand words – and it’s certainly true in this case. The image of prime minister John Howard reacting to Coral Larsen telling him how difficult it was to run a nursery during the millennium drought was taken in April Bruce Horrocks. Star GM SEE MORE, MUCH MORE Read Bruce Horrock’s full editorial online, and see his photos, too VALLEY VOICE NEWS FROM THE LOCKYER VALLEY REGIONAL COUNCIL SALVOS DROUGHT ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE COUNCIL SECURES $360,000 IN BLACK SPOT FUNDING “While the two locations are quite different Payments can cover numerous If you’re a farmer, farm worker or Lockyer Valley Regional Council has secured in road type and level of use, these expenses such as groceries, vehicle farm supplier/contractor who is a $360,000 cash boost under the Federal improvemen­ts will be vital in ensuring maintenanc­e, energy and utility bills, struggling financiall­y because of Government’s Black Spot Program 2020-21 Council continues to address road safety health and medical expenses. the drought, you may be entitled funding round. right across the region. to receive a one-off payment of up So far, the Salvos have assisted Lockyer Valley Infrastruc­ture Portfolio to $3000 funded by the Australian “We thank the Federal Government for this 173 households to the value of Councillor Janice Holstein said two Lockyer Government’s Drought Community funding, which will go a long way towards $479,000. Valley locations have been earmarked for Support Initiative – Round 2 (DCSI). keeping residents of the Lockyer Valley safe upgrades under the program, which funds Call the Salvos assistance line on both now and in the years to come,” Cr To be eligible you must be over the vital safety improvemen­ts at locations 1300 551 030 or apply online at Holstein said. age of 18, an Australian citizen or where serious crashes have occurred or data salvationa­ permanent resident, and live/work indicates a high risk of future crashes. Council submitted a total of seven projects in a specified Local Government For informatio­n on a wide range for funding, of which five were unsuccessf­ul. “The first location is Spa Water Road, Area (LGA). You can still apply even of drought assistance visit www. Both successful projects are set to be Iredale where Council intends to improve if you’ve received funding under a lockyerval­ delivered in the second half of the year. motorist safety on the curve just north of previous round. drought-support/ Gierkes Road by widening and improving its For further informatio­n, contact Council on geometry. 1300 005 872 or visit www.lockyerval­ley.qld. “The second successful location is at the intersecti­on of Woodlands Road and ENDS Rangeview Drive, Gatton, with widening planned on the Eastern side of the intersecti­on. “This will improve the sight distance of the area for motorists entering or exiting Rangeview Drive,” Cr Holstein said. Both locations were chosen as part of a proactive response to reduce the risk of future road incidents, Cr Holstein said. CONTACT US 1300 005 872 lockyerval­ @Lockyerval­leyrc @Lockyerval­leyregiona­lcouncil @Lockyerval­ley_regionalco­uncil V1 - TGSE01Z01M­A

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