Af­ter watch­ing the new sci- fi show V, Guy Davis said “ Take me to your leader”. Mainly be­cause that leader is played by Morena Bac­carin.

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ship that comes from be­yond is a very preda­tory thing.”

How­ever, the fi rst ex­tra-ter­res­trial face we see is that of Bac­carin’s Anna, who calmly states that her peo­ple have come to Earth in the spirit of friend­ship and dis­cov­ery.

But even though the “ vis­i­tors” off er gifts of ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy and “ uni­ver­sal health care” which con­vert many Earth­lings to their cause, some peo­ple – such as FBI agent Erica ( Lost’s El­iz­a­beth Mitchell) and dis­il­lu­sioned priest Jack ( Joel Gretsch) – are a lit­tle more scep­ti­cal … and right­fully so.

Grow­ing up in her na­tive Brazil, the 30-year-old Bac­carin watched the orig­i­nal V and re­mem­bers be­ing “ pet­rifi ed” by the sight of its aliens peel­ing off their hu­man skin to re­veal their true rep­til­ian ap­pear­ance be­neath.

“ When I got this part, I went back and watched some scenes and it was as creepy as I re­mem­bered!” she said.

And while the new V has its share of un­set­tling stuff , Bac­carin is quick to point out that Anna and her fel­low vis­i­tors aren’t nec­es­sar­ily fl at-out evil. Well, not to be­gin with, at least.

“ It’s a very mod­ern ver­sion of the show,” she said. “ It’s the same premise but it’s reimag­ined so all of the char­ac­ters are up­dated for to­day’s world. And Anna is seen as more of a diplo­matic fi gure, a lit­tle more po­lit­i­cal. She’s more ma­nip­u­la­tive, which I think is creepier in this day and age – to be ma­nip­u­lated by some­body that you feel that you can trust. That’s what we’re go­ing for.”

In­deed, the fi rst ex­am­ple when view­ers of V might get a feel­ing that some­thing’s not quite right is when Anna tells, not asks, the jour­nal­ist in­ter­view­ing her not to ask any ques­tions that might present the vis­i­tors in a neg­a­tive way. Th­ese aliens have not only mas­tered in­ter­stel­lar travel, they’ve also mas­tered the art of spin-doc­tor­ing.

Fit­tingly, Bac­carin drew in­spi­ra­tion for her por­trayal of Anna from the last US pres­i­den­tial elec­tion.

“ Anna knows how to get peo­ple to trust her, and get­ting peo­ple to trust them is what politi­cians do best,” she said.

In ad­di­tion to its po­lit­i­cal par­al­lels, V also off ers a num­ber of other real-world me­taphors, in­clud­ing fun­da­men­tal­ist re­li­gion and the threat of ter­ror­ism. In this case, it’s both the “ sleeper cells” of the vis­i­tors who’ve been liv­ing among us for years and an un­der­ground move­ment of hu­mans who must fi ght against the sys­tem to com­bat what they see as a grow­ing threat.

But Bac­carin points out that V isn’t go­ing to be a clear-cut case of good guys ver­sus bad guys. Some hu­mans are all too will­ing to toe the alien line, while some aliens aren’t too pleased about the vis­i­tors’ mas­ter plan.

“ The great thing about all the char­ac­ters we’re play­ing on this show is that they’re so multi-faceted,” she said.

“ So just when you think you’ve got a char­ac­ter fi gured out and you know what line they’re walk­ing, they change course. You’ll see with a lot of char­ac­ters un­ex­pected qual­i­ties that you wouldn’t think they have.”

V isn’t Bac­carin’s fi rst sci­ence-fi ction show – she played Inara on the short-lived but much-loved Joss Whe­don se­ries Firefl y. And she an­tic­i­pates that her new show will at­tract a fan base that’s just as de­voted.

“ I’ve never met fans as loyal as Firefl y fans – they are so sweet and com­pli­men­tary and re­ally ex­cited by the show – and I think fans of V will be the same,” she said.

We come in peace: Morena Bac­carin helms the ex­trater­res­trial race in­hab­it­ing the Earth in

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