Party Down is serv­ing up the laughs this sum­mer. Guy Davis found out more about the Hollywood com­edy from star Lizzy Ca­plan.

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an eye-catch­ing ap­pear­ance on True Blood.

Who is your char­ac­ter on what is she like?

My char­ac­ter is Casey Klein and she is a strug­gling co­me­dian … a fail­ing co­me­dian, re­ally. She’s re­ally down be­cause her mar­riage is kind of go­ing through very, very dif­fi­cult times as well – her hus­band wants to move to an­other state and she’s not re­ally ready to give up on what it is she’s try­ing to do. But the truth [ about Casey] is that I don’t get any of the parts I’m up for. I’m go­ing back and forth on whether or not I think I’m a good co­me­dian. I can’t be that good, be­cause no­body’s re­ally pick­ing up what I’m putting down.

You were a late ad­di­tion to the cast, join­ing up af­ter the orig­i­nal pi­lot had been shot. How did you be­come in­volved?

Adam Scott [ who plays would-be ac­tor Henry] and I have the same agent and I knew that he was do­ing it. I had never met him but I re­ally re­spected his work and then I found out who else was in­volved and I was like ‘ Wait, they’re mak­ing this show with this in­cred­i­ble cast? I want to do this. Now!’ It was start­ing some­thing like three days af­ter I found out about it and I just gunned for it, be­cause it’s 10 episodes with hi­lar­i­ous peo­ple and a whole lot of free­dom. It’s the sweet­est kind of gig.

You ac­tu­ally have a fair bit of ser­vi­cein­dus­try ex­pe­ri­ence, right?

Yeah, and when I worked in a res­tau­rant, I al­ways thought that some­one should make a great show about wait­ers be­cause they all were strug­gling ac­tors and writ­ers and comics. They were all supremely smart and funny peo­ple ba­si­cally be­ing forced to be un­der­lings. [ Laughs] That kind of makes peo­ple a lit­tle de­pressed but also brings out some su­per self-dep­re­cat­ing hu­mour. This is the clos­est thing I’ve ever seen to fully cap­tur­ing that men­tal­ity. but this is writ­ten re­ally, re­ally well al­ready. But while we get full scripts, we’re al­lowed to go off the page as much as we want. And they’re fear­less per­form­ers, all of them – any­thing Jane Lynch does makes me to­tally crack up. She’s out there.

Break­out star: Lizzy Ca­plan as an ac­tor/ waiter in

bot­tom right, in the 2004 com­edy

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