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It’s all hands on deck for the multi- skilled Steven Van Zandt. Guy Davis speaks with the star of Li­ly­ham­mer. How do you and to them. “To make it more Li­ly­ham­mer join forces, in­ter­na­tional, I be­lieve that Steven? we should make it more I have a record com­pany, Nor­we­gian.” I wanted and I was in Ber­gen, it to be as Nor­we­gian Nor­way, pro­duc­ing as pos­si­ble. I wanted to a Nor­we­gian band. know ev­ery­thing that is Some­body told me this ec­cen­tric about Nor­way hus­band- and- wife writ­ing – ev­ery­thing that is team wanted to say hello, dif­fer­ent, funny, unique. so I met with them and If you fo­cus on nuance they gave me the one­and de­tail and the things sen­tence pitch, which that have lo­cal in­ter­est, was “A gang­ster goes into those are the things that the wit­ness pro­tec­tion are most uni­ver­sal. Those pro­gram and chooses are the things that people Lille­ham­mer in Nor­way”. grav­i­tate to­wards and love

First of all, I thought to see. af­ter play­ing a gang­ster for 10 years on The So­pra­nos, I per­haps shouldn’t do this. But I quickly re­alised there are not many great ideas in the world, so when you hear one you should recog­nise it. And I did.

Nor­way is a very, very in­ter­est­ing place, and a very mys­te­ri­ous place. No­body knows any­thing about it, re­ally. So not only can we have a won­der­ful fish- out- ofwater story, with a one­man crime wave com­ing into a place where there is no crime, we can also have fun with these cul­tural dif­fer­ences. No­body knows any­thing about it, re­ally. You’ve suc­ceeded in that re­spect, be­cause the Nor­we­gian way of life is very much a part of the show’s fab­ric. When I be­came one of the writ­ers, I sat down with the two cre­ators and said In Li­ly­ham­mer’s sec­ond sea­son, Frank is ad­just­ing to life in Nor­way ... but slowly. He’ll never be com­pletely there. [ Laughs] But what we’ve done this year is have him evolve into be­ing more in­te­grated now in the cul­ture. Start­ing with the very first episode, though, we in­tro­duce a new el­e­ment in the form of these English hooli­gans who now in­vade Frank’s Nor­we­gian space. That leads to a whole in­ter­est­ing new dy­namic – he’s no longer the in­vader but the in­vaded. It shows, to some ex­tent, that he is be­gin­ning to be­come more Nor­we­gian and learn­ing a bit from that cul­ture, as well as bend­ing it to his will a lit­tle. Li­ly­ham­mer , Wed­nes­day, SBS ONE, 9.30pm

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