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Robert Mam­mone as Fat Tony. Robert Mam­mone is tread­ing care­fully. When it comes to Fat Tony & Co., the lat­est true- crime drama from the mak­ers of the Un­der­belly fran­chise, the ac­tor por­tray­ing the ti­tle char­ac­ter – con­victed drug king­pin Tony Mokbel – can talk about the part he’s play­ing and the way he ap­proached it, but learns he has to be a bit cir­cum­spect about the man him­self. grow­ing the way it did.

Our guy didn’t have much of a for­mal ed­u­ca­tion. There re­ally is only one way to at­tain the suc­cess and in­flu­ence that he wanted. There’s no old- school tie net­work or con­nec­tions for him. But if he’d gone to a good school and been welle­d­u­cated, I have no doubt he would have been even more suc­cess­ful. And le­git­i­mately.

Guy Davis

Robert, what set Tony Mokbel apart from his crim­i­nal con­tem­po­raries? When it comes to him, I can talk about the char­ac­ter I play and the de­ci­sions we made. And with the char­ac­ter I por­tray, he’s very smart, very cun­ning and very mo­ti­vated to achieve suc­cess.

His­tory is lit­tered with some pretty im­pres­sive crim­i­nals, and some not- soim­pres­sive crim­i­nals. And the ones not so are the ones who didn’t have a lot go­ing on up­stairs. I spoke with some po­lice of­fi­cers in­volved in the Pu­rana task force years ago, and they said he was ba­si­cally the smartest crim they came across. At the same time, in the un­der­world you prob­a­bly need a dash of ruth­less­ness to back up your in­tel­li­gence. The char­ac­ter we present is a nat­u­ral leader. It’s a pretty ruth­less world, that’s true, and people achieve that lead­er­ship sta­tus through phys­i­cal means. It’s just not given to you by any­one else. You have to take it.

In our por­trayal, that was never the road we took for this guy. It was purely through smarts and nat­u­ral in­flu­ence over oth­ers, his busi­ness Was there any­thing you learned about Tony Mokbel while re­search­ing his life that you didn’t ex­pect? That he was so like­able! [ Laughs] That was the thing that kept com­ing up in talk­ing with people who had met him or had deal­ings with him – he was a people per­son.

I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a gen­tle­man in­volved in the law, hav­ing a drink with him at a bar, and he said that if [ Mokbel] was in the bar right now, we would know about it. Not be­cause of a heavy vibe but be­cause it’d be a party. Ev­ery­one would be hav­ing a great time; he’d be buy­ing people drinks and mak­ing sure ev­ery­one was hav­ing fun.

Fat Tony & Co., Sun­day, 8.40pm, on Nine

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