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29 GEELONGADV­ERTISER.COM.AU SATURDAY JULY 11 2020 I’ve often joked about needing to show a passport at Lara to get in/out of Geelong... — Matt Thomas @MattThomas­1405 ON SATURDAY KAREN MATTHEWS HAS LOST FAITH IN THE STATE GOVERNMENT OVER COVID-19 ANY SUGGESTION THE GOVERNMENT COULD NOT HAVE HAD A DECENT GO AT PREVENTING THE RALLY IS NONSENSE, GIVEN THE SAME GOVERNMENT MANAGED TO IMPRISON 3000 RESIDENTS IN THEIR HIGH-RISE HOMES FOR FIVE DAYS.” HOW THE ADDY SAW THE WEEK GENOCIDESC­ARS STILLRUNDE­EP FOOTYFIX INSIDETODA­Y Y CATS’YOUNG TALENTTIME CARBONREVO­LUTION AXES180WOR­KERS: GAZFREE TOGOHOME GLOSSMAG INSIDETODA­Y WEATHER | CATS LATEST BELMONT CRASHCHAOS 16 | GEELONGSHO­W WON’TGOON PAGE 19 LOCALFOOTY DEATHKNELL T R P30 O SP Thursday, July 9, 2020 PAGE3 GEELONGREM­EMBERS BOSNIAHORR­OR: P8,9 WEATHER | CHANG E FORTHE BETTER $2 PAGE4 16 | (inc GST) PAGE 28 AWAY WITH WINE SPORT GEELONG’S VOICE FOR 179 YEARS WEATHER | WEATHER WEATHER | | VIRUSHITS RIPCURLHQ DREAM HOME PAGE5 13 | 15 | WEATHER 15 | PAGE 20 PAGE 16 | PAGE 36 14 | PAGE 16 KIND ACT GEELONG’S VOICE FOR 179 YEARS GEELONG’S VOICE FOR 179YEARS17­9 GEELONG’S VOICE FOR 179 YEARS GEELONG’S VOICE FOR 179 YEARS YEARS HARRISONTI­PPET Friday, July 10, 2020 A STAFFER at the Torquay office of iconic surf brand Rip Curl has tested positive to COVID -19 in the Surf Coast’s first new case since April. WINEIN VEGEMITE JARS HAWKINS: $2 (inc GST) BANKBALANC­E BOOST:P35 BEING DISTANT DADIS TOUGH Tuesday, July 7, 2020 SPORT REPORT: P5 Monday, July 6, 2020 Wednesday, July 8, 2020 Saturday, July 4, 2020 VIC’SCOVIDCHAO­S SHARE IN$50$50K! K! GARY’SSECRET PAIN $2.50 $2 350-GAMECHAMP OPENSUP (inc GST) (inc GST) Yesterday’s question: $2 Will this year’s AFL premiershi­p have less meaning because of the virus-affected season? Torquaysit­eshut asstaffert­ests positiveto­COVID- 19 (inc GST) $2 HAPPY ASGARY (inc GST) Surgein family violence P7 106YODOT’S SECRETTOLO­NG LIFE CATSLATEST-SPORT Adayafterc­elebrating his350thga­me, Cats champGaryA­blett and wifeJordan­have revealedso­nLevi is fightingar­are degenerati­vedisease. LOCALFEARS­GROW OLIVIASHYI­NG SURGEIN GEELONG VIRUS CASES WOMEN and children have been exposed to more violence, controllin­g behaviour and physical abuse amid the coronaviru­s pandemic, a new report has found. New research from the Sexual Assault and Family Violence Centre (SAFVC) found clients from the Barwon and Wimmera regions were exposed to escalating violence, psychologi­cal abuse and financial control during the height of social distancing restrictio­ns April. in A survey of 39 specialist practition­ers found more than half reported their clients experience­d an increase in or intensifie­d experience of trauma symptoms. OPERATION T20 WORLD CUPBLOW N I E L K L E A H C I M : e r u t c i P REPORT:P4 PROTECT GEELONG Gary and Levi Ablett in a picture the Cats s tar posted on Ins tagram yesterday. MYBOY’S HEALTHFIGH­T T DEATH ROAD’S 4.6MFIX COMPTOBE AXED:SPORT Thisswillb­ebemyylast­yarlast year Bombermber­wasasafath­er herfigure gure IwishI’dshared medalwithJ­oel FULL STORY, P4 HARRISONTI­PPET, TAMARA MCDONALD LOCAL SAFETY CASH SPLASH Yacht tragedy ‘notfoul play’ GREATER Geelong has recorded its largest daily increase in coronaviru­s cases since April, with four new cases confirmed in 24 hours. The spike saw Greater Geelong’s tally of confirmed cases jump from 70 on Wednesday to 74 yesterday, with six of those active. It is the largest daily increase in cases reported in the region since it was under strict stage three restrictio­ns. coronaviru­s 68 32 REPORTS:SPORT Gary Rohan celebrates a goal on a night that also saw him reported. GEELONG’S deadliest road upgra-dedasparto­fwillbe a $20 millionmeg­a road safety. fix of local Thompson Road where in North Geelong, six people died inci-dentslasty­ear, in road-related will receive $4.6 the joint federal million in up-gradetheDa­reto and state funding, bin Road intersecti­on boost safety between and Victor-iaStreet.Itis Cox Road and one of five local un-dergoupgra­desroadsto in the funding. PLUS: Picture: CAMERON SPENCER/ GETTY IMAGES) Selwood onthecanva­sspecialpo­rtrait revealed: POLICE have ruled out foul play as the cause of a yacht fire that claimed two lives last week. Leading Senior Constable Melissa Seach said police will preparea report for the coroner following the fatal blaze at a North Geelong jetty near Mackey Street last Wednesday. A 60-year-old woman and a 59-year- old man, both from North Geelong, died at the scene. The couple are believed to have been illegally living on the yacht for some time. $ Fourtestpo­sitive inoneday LocalColes­worker infected Freewayche­ckpoint gridlock HURTCATS FIGHTBACK REPORT: P5 Holidaymak­ers asMelbourn­elocked ,daytripper­sbanned downagain TwofreshGe­elong regionesca­pes viruscases­but Stage3rest­rictions P5 Geelongvir­usfears Tributesfo­rslain man FULL STORY, PAGE 7 Student‘punch on’pagepulled NewGeelong­lung cancerfear­s TAMARAMCDO­NALD POLICE scoured grassland for evidence yesterday in the hope it could help them find the shooter responsibl­e for a mysterious Corio death. A man, identified on social media as Chris “Legzy” Jacobs, died at GEELONG could quickly be thrown into a “terrible situation” if coronaviru­s cases go undetected in the community. Deakin University epidemiolo­gis t Dr Catherine Bennett has warned regional cities against complacenc­y as 4.50am on Saturday after being shot in the backyard of of a Chaffey Square property. It’s understood the man was living in a caravan behind a house when he was shot. COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Melbourne hot spots. Geelong has recorded just two new coronaviru­s cases since June 10. The lower infection rate in regional areas has prompted some calls to relax lockdown measures. RESIDENTS of metropolit­an been warned to Melbourne have stay out of the the state capital Geelong region goes into a six- as after the biggest week lockdown single-day surge coronaviru­s cases. in Victoria’s Two new cases of coronaviru­s for Greater Geelong were reported yesterday as the recorded 191 new state infections. While Geelong will avoid thenew measures, Melbourne lockdown residents were at home and not told to stay to takeday trips houses. or use holiday A“ DISGUSTING ” social media page sharing videos of violent fistfights between Geelong students has been taken down after concerns were raised by the Department of Education. The “Geelong Fights” Instagram page V1 - GATE01Z01M­A THERE are fears a growing number of people in Geelong could be unaware they have lung cancer in the wake of a sharp decline in referrals for the disease. The rate of lung cancer referrals from general Geelong.Punch. Ons had uploaded videos of dozens of vicious fights, with about 1500 people “following” page. the The videos feature students fighting while wearing uniforms from at least seven of the region’s Geelongove­rcomes early injuries & shakystart­topower pastLionsa­tSCG practition­ers halved across Australia between March and April this year, new data has revealed. The trend has caused concern within the health industry, with fears many may now be living with schools, with many of the fights appearing to take place on school grounds and in classrooms. It is not known when the videos were filmed, but almost all were posted to the page between April and June. PROJECTTOD­ELIVER 12,000JOBSTO OURNORTH: BARWONPRIS­ON DRUGTESTSS­HOCK: undiagnose­d lung conditions. In Geelong, an average of 106 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year. Experts are urging people to review their health and see a doctor. FULL STORY, P7 REPORT: P3 PAGE10 REPORT: P12 V1 - GATE01Z01M A V1 - GATE01Z01M A V1 - GATE01Z01M A V1 - GATE01Z01M A - GATE01Z01M A P11 REPORT: P3 STORY: P6 REPORTS P6 7 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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