Menopausal man­age­ment tips

Geraldton Guardian - - News - Charlotte In­wood Charlotte In­wood is a natur­opath at Charlotte In­wood Natur­o­pathics, Ger­ald­ton.

The menopausal years are po­ten­tially the rich­est years of a woman’s life.

A life’s worth of ex­pe­ri­ence, wis­dom and in­ner strength can be trans­formed into en­hanced cre­ativ­ity and en­ergy flow.

How­ever, for many of the women I see, the op­po­site is true.

Their al­tered hor­mone pro­duc­tion leads to a roller­coaster ride of wild mood swings, hot flushes, weight gain, fa­tigue, poor con­cen­tra­tion and mem­ory, in­som­nia, anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion and a flag­ging sex drive.

Many women ar­rive at menopause thor­oughly worn out. They are likely suf­fer­ing from com­pro­mised adrenal func­tion from liv­ing with too much stress, com­bined with a less-thanideal diet and du­bi­ous life­style habits.

Nat­u­ral medicine so­lu­tions

Sup­port the liver: The liver helps metabolise hor­mones, par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant if a woman is oe­stro­gen-dom­i­nant. Clear­ing ex­cess oe­stro­gens re­duces mood swings, ir­ri­tabil­ity and anx­i­ety, as well as re­duc­ing the risk of de­vel­op­ing uter­ine fi­broids and fi­bro­cys­tic breast changes. Cru­cif­er­ous veg­gies (broc­coli, kale, cab­bage), rose­mary and liver herbs such as schisan­dra, bu­pleu­rum and dan­de­lion are all valu­able here.

Eat a Mediter­ranean diet: plenty of fish, olive oil, gar­lic, onions and a rain­bow of veg­eta­bles.

Add 1tbsp flax meal to fruit/ porridge/smooth­ies. This helps clear sur­plus oe­stro­gen out of the body through the gut.

Avoid cof­fee. This alone markedly re­duces hot flushes.

Re­store the adrenals with mag­ne­sium, vi­ta­mins C and B, and zinc. Rehman­nia, licorice, Siberian gin­seng, with­a­nia and zizy­phus are ef­fec­tive at re­duc­ing sweat­ing and help to re­plen­ish the adrenals.

Check your thy­roid: low thy­roid func­tion ex­ac­er­bates menopausal symp­toms, es­pe­cially fa­tigue, low mood and weight gain.

Sup­port the ner­vous sys­tem: St John’s Wort is spe­cific for menopausal anx­i­ety and com­bines beau­ti­fully with black co­hosh and va­le­rian for in­som­nia.

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