Whic Mon­ster High Ghoul Are You?

Girl Power - - WHAT'S HOT -

1. If you could have any su­per power what would you choose? A) Fly­ing B) To be able to un­der­stand an­i­mals C) In­vis­i­bil­ity

2. What’s your dream job? A) Nurse B) Fash­ion designer C) Mag­a­zine edi­tor

3. What’s your idea of the per­fect snack? A) A smoothie B) A cheese­burger C) A cup­cake

4. What’s your fave colour? A) Pink B) Blue C) Pur­ple

5. You’d love a pet… A) Puppy B) Kit­ten C) Fer­ret

Mostly Bs - You’re Clawdeen Wolf!

Mostly As - You’re Drac­u­laura!

Mostly Cs - You’re Spec­tra Von­dergeist!

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