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STEP 1: Af­ter you have ap­plied a clear base coat to pro­tect your nails, ap­ply two coats of your base colour.

STEP 2: Us­ing a dot­ting tool or the tip of a bobby pin, put a small amount of nail pol­ish on a pal­ette or piece of pa­per and dot your dot­ting tool or bobby pin into it. Dot onto your nail where you want the base of the drips to be, this gives you a guide to where they will go and also keeps the edges nice and round.

STEP 3: Us­ing ei­ther a nail art strip­ing brush, or a regular fine paint­brush from an art store, care­fully out­line the edge of your drips – this looks harder than it is. It also doesn’t mat­ter if you don’t do this per­fectly be­cause you’re go­ing to fill them in.

STEP 4: Fill in the drips.

STEP 5: Us­ing your dot­ting skills again, dot on small spots un­der­neath the short drips to make it seem like they are drip­ping. Ap­ply a clear top coat and you are done!

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