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This month, su­per singer Reece Mastin solves all your prob­lems!

Girl Power - - CELEB CENTRAL -

Dear Reece,

At the mo­ment I do drum­ming lessons, but I re­ally re­ally want to play the guitar! I’m ter­ri­fied of tak­ing on a new in­stru­ment. Got any ad­vice to help me take the leap?


REECE SAYS: You’ve just got to throw your­self into it! Ob­vi­ously you re­ally want to learn the guitar and be­cause you have that pas­sion for it, there’s noth­ing to be scared of. Just fo­cus on do­ing your own thing in your own time and you’ll be fine. Make sure you take the time to prac­tise be­cause that’s how you learn to play an in­stru­ment – just do it as much as you can.

Dear Reece,

I’m get­ting re­ally sick of this one boy in my class. He’s con­stantly mak­ing fun of peo­ple, even his own friends! He’s sort of the class clown and he’s pretty pop­u­lar, so I’m a lit­tle scared to say some­thing. What should I do?


REECE SAYS: You know what? There are prob­a­bly a lot of peo­ple in your class who feel the same way as you do! That should give you courage to speak up. I guess my ad­vice would be to have a con­ver­sa­tion with him. Don’t be mean and don’t start a fight. But, if there’s some­thing hap­pen­ing and you don’t like it, you should be able to say “Hey! This up­sets me.”

Dear Reece,

My school tal­ent show is com­ing up soon and I’m ter­ri­fied at the idea of per­form­ing in front of ev­ery­body! How do I get over those nerves?


REECE SAYS: A lot of per­form­ers get ner­vous be­cause they go on stage – it’s to­tally nor­mal. The thing you have to re­mem­ber is as soon as you start play­ing mu­sic or singing or act­ing, it stops be­ing scary and starts be­ing fun! When you’re feel­ing ner­vous, try to fo­cus on the hav­ing fun part and that should help.

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