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This is your month to shine, girl! You’ll have to set aside your de­sire to have every­thing go your way, but if you can, then you’ll be very open to learn­ing amaz­ing and life-chang­ing new things. Be open to em­brac­ing fresh op­por­tu­ni­ties that come your way – new friends, job op­por­tu­ni­ties, hob­bies etc. While oth­ers will ex­pect you to fit in and fol­low the crowd, what makes you spe­cial is your abil­ity to stand out with­out try­ing. You may find that your true tal­ents lie in some­thing you’ve never con­sid­ered – what if you’re a se­cretly amaz­ing rap­per? Jug­gler? Makeup artist? If you never try, you’ll never know so spread your wings and fly in

which­ever di­rec­tion you feel is right for you.


It’s time to set off on a new path and find your spirit of adventure! You’ll feel par­tic­u­larly spir­i­tual this month and very open – af­ter all, the world ex­tends far be­yond the walls of your bed­room, Gemini! Be ready to find your­self in a whole new way and it may also do well to

heal a re­cent heart­break.


If you’ve had a few bumps

in the road so far this year, don’t worry be­cause

this month will more than make up for it! Your re­solve has been tested and you’ve come out on top and now you can wel­come the good for­tune that comes your way. Just be sure to lis­ten to the ad­vice of trusted friends when

mak­ing big de­ci­sions.


Your friend­ships and re­la­tion­ships will be tested this month. Take time to re­flect on who builds you up in life and who brings you down. Don’t be afraid to make some se­ri­ous changes, as these bonds could af­fect you in the very near fu­ture. Hav­ing these hard con­ver­sa­tions can help you make up your mind

and are worth it in the long run.


You’re a so­cial queen and it seems that your rep­u­ta­tion has been given an ex­tra pos­i­tive boost that’s mak­ing you feel pretty amaz­ing. You de­serve it! Just be­ware of get­ting too caught up in the spot­light be­cause things can go from high to low very quickly with a nearby green-eyed mon­ster. Be hum­ble and gra­cious

but stay true to your­self.


You’re full of en­ergy this month, girl! Though you’re still work­ing on find­ing out what to do with all the tal­ent you’ve been given, a very in­ter­est­ing op­por­tu­nity will arise that may just make you find the path you’ve been search­ing for. Fol­low this di­rec­tion and it may just lead you to

a life-chang­ing cause.


There’s an un­re­solved is­sue at home that is re­fus­ing to let you rest easy. Some­times things can’t be wrapped up in a neat lit­tle an­swer, so be­ing open, hon­est and level-headed is the best way to solve tur­bu­lence. Try to achieve a peace­ful res­o­lu­tion ASAP for your own sake. Burn­ing bridges with fam­ily never ends well!


You’ll be less side-tracked by per­sonal con­flicts this month to pur­sue cre­ative projects. By em­brac­ing this much needed free time and do­ing some­thing for your­self, your spir­its will be lifted, mak­ing you feel more con­fi­dent, re­laxed and pos­i­tive than ever. Oth­ers will catch on to your happy vibes mak­ing life pretty great for you, Virgo.


You’re a nat­u­rally in­sight­ful per­son who has a unique way of think­ing. Take your ideas se­ri­ously. Not all of them will turn out how you were hop­ing but you’re sure to learn valu­able lessons along the way, which will lead you to­ward what you’ll need next.


You’ll find your­self full of in­spi­ra­tion and en­ergy this month, mak­ing it per­fect for tack­ling home­work, study and even ex­tra side projects… go you! Show peo­ple you mean busi­ness by say­ing no to every so­cial in­vi­ta­tion that comes your way. You’ll find the mo­men­tum you gather steers you in the right place

and dis­trac­tions are the last thing you need.


If you’re feel­ing par­tic­u­larly giddy and slightly ner­vous, it might be be­cause you have an ad­mirer from afar. You’ll even­tu­ally dis­cover that your fab­u­lous self is ra­di­at­ing pos­i­tive vibes that oth­ers can’t get enough of. It’s a great time to get out and be so­cial with new peo­ple you may not have

talked to or hung out with be­fore.


Gather your friends and make plans for the fu­ture – whether that’s next week, the up­com­ing months or years to come. It’s an amaz­ing bond­ing

ex­pe­ri­ence that lets you learn even more about your pals, what your am­bi­tions are and what you all have in com­mon or what makes you unique. Have fun

with it and dream big.

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