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Your very first live show ear­lier in the year sold out in less than four min­utes, what was that like?

Chris: It’s ridicu­lous – we never ex­pected that. We were think­ing, ‘We re­ally hope this show sells al­most all the tick­ets or if it sells out that would be amaz­ing. Let’s give it a cou­ple of weeks’. Then in the first three min­utes we thought, ‘Has the web­site glitched? What’s wrong?’ and then it said sold out. It was crazy. The past 12 months have been pretty in­sane for you guys, what is the most mem­o­rable mo­ment for each of you?

Ethan: For me, it’s def­i­nitely the first Syd­ney show we did. To have a show where every­body buys a ticket to see just us is some­thing re­ally spe­cial. It was just awe­some to have peo­ple that know your song lyrics and sing along with you. It’s re­ally cool to be on the stage and con­nect­ing with an au­di­ence like that.

Chris: Same for me. It was so great be­cause we were just able to have fun with the fans and re­ally give back to them what they’ve been giv­ing us with their sup­port.

Jakob: I liked the day that we re­leased our first sin­gle, “Hon­est”. It’s such a sig­nif­i­cant day for us be­cause we de­buted very high, not ex­pect­ing the suc­cess and the love and sup­port from the fans for the song. We were just su­per happy. You sing about hon­esty but what is the big­gest lie you guys have ever told? Chris: I don’t tell lies. Jakob: We’re usu­ally pretty hon­est. I don’t think ly­ing is some­thing we’d do any­way. We al­ways try to tell the truth.

Chris: I mean the mes­sage with the song that we put out is that hon­esty is re­ally im­por­tant. Like peo­ple

– whether it’s in a re­la­tion­ship or just in so­ci­ety in gen­eral, hon­esty is al­ways some­thing you should keep work­ing to­wards.

What can you tell us about your EP?

Ethan: We’ve writ­ten a few songs with Chris­tian and Joel of Amy Mered­ith, we’ve writ­ten a few songs our­selves. It’s all a col­lab­o­ra­tion of songs that we’ve per­formed on our In Stereo shows that the fans like, plus maybe a few that the fans don’t know.

Chris: We’ve worked re­ally hard on it and had such an in­put in the writ­ing process and every­thing that we feel like it re­ally rep­re­sents what In Stereo is all about and we’re ex­cited to get it out there.

Who in­spires you mu­si­cally?

Ethan: An Aus­tralian band like 5SOS. They’ve be­come so suc­cess­ful and they’re from Aus­tralia, and they re­ally like the mu­sic that they’re do­ing. They’re hav­ing fun with it. I think they’re good peo­ple to look up to. If you could col­lab­o­rate with any­one in the world, who would you each pick?

Ethan: I’d love to write with Ed Sheeran, his lyrics are awe­some. Chris: Yeah, I’d love to write with Ed as well. Jakob: I like Justin Bieber. I think he’d be awe­some to write a song with, or to get a fea­ture on – that’d be great.

How has it been jug­gling your ca­reer with school?

Chris: Not too chal­leng­ing. Like every­thing we do we’ve tried to base around school so that we can min­imise the amount of school that we miss. We’re work­ing to make sure we main­tain our school­ing as well as our mu­sic.

Ethan: Some­times we might miss a bit of school but we’re all on task and we’re all up to date with school. Can’t cross school off the list just yet. What’s the best piece of ad­vice you’ve ever re­ceived?

Jakob: I think we get the same ad­vice from all our par­ents and that’s just to be your­self and see if the world loves you as much as they do.

Chris: I re­mem­ber a mem­o­rable mo­ment, I met Benji Mad­den and he just told me ‘no mat­ter what hap­pens, just en­joy the ride’ and that’s stuck with me be­cause it’s good to just let go and en­joy every­thing.

Ethan: En­joy­ing the ride is prob­a­bly the best ad­vice you could be given.

What do you guys like to do in your spare time?

Chris: We like to just hang out. We go to Sub­way a lot [ laughs]. We play video games to­gether when we’re at home and we all have our own per­sonal things that we like to do as well.

Jakob: I like to skate; I like to hang out with my friends.

Ethan: I like to play with my lit­tle sis­ters, and I love cats.

What are your plans for this year?

Ethan: Plans for this year are to play some awe­some shows.

Jakob: Play some awe­some shows, re­lease an awe­some EP and just – let’s make it, boys!

Chris: We wanna do the best we can and hope­fully start work­ing to­wards an al­bum as well. Last but not least, de­scribe each other us­ing three words only. Ethan: I’ll say for Jakob, “cheeky and de­ter­mined”. Chris: I’d say Jake is “en­er­getic, funny, en­thu­si­as­tic”. Ethan: I’d de­scribe Chris as “stu­dious, for­ward think­ing”. Chris: Ethan, I’d say you’re “easy-go­ing and cool”. Jakob: For Ethan I’d say “mem­ing” – he likes to meme a lot; he does a lot of memes, then “joker” and “gamer”. Chris, I’d have to say “very de­ter­mined, hard­work­ing”.

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