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Al­ways down for a cos­tume mo­ment, SketchSHE is com­edy gold.

Fe­male co­me­di­ans are fi­nally hav­ing their time. Why is this im­por­tant for you?

We think it’s im­por­tant for so­ci­ety to ac­cept and sup­port the fact that women can be equally (if not more) funny than men. There was a time where fe­male co­me­di­ans were al­most non-ex­is­tent, but that has changed hugely in the past few years with more fe­males not only dom­i­nat­ing in com­edy but also at di­rect­ing and pro­duc­ing! Girl power!

You’re try­ing to talk to a guy and you need a joke or a ‘move’ to break the ice. What’s a good one?

The ‘run­ning man’ goes down well on the d-floor. As for jokes, “How do you make an egg laugh? Tell it a yolk...”

Is that su­per lame? (Top tip: don’t take your­self too se­ri­ously!)

What are your best tips for gain­ing a fol­low­ing on so­cial me­dia?

Be your­self – on­line it’s all about au­then­tic­ity! On YouTube es­pe­cially, peo­ple re­ally want to see who you are. On Face­book it’s about sharp sharable videos, the more peo­ple share it the more po­ten­tial new fans you have!

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