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Im­planon is the rod shaped pro­ges­terone-only con­tra­cep­tive agent usu­ally im­planted just un­der the skin of the in­ner part of your up­per arm. It is very re­li­able (more than 99.9% ef­fec­tive) when prop­erly in­serted. It works by stop­ping ovu­la­tion, thick­en­ing cer­vi­cal mu­cus so sperm can’t swim through, and thin­ning the uterus lin­ing to pre­vent fer­tilised eggs im­plant­ing. It should be taken out and changed ev­ery three years. Some peo­ple’s cy­cle will stop com­pletely, while oth­ers still get spot­ting. A num­ber of med­i­ca­tions and herbal prepa­ra­tions can in­ter­fere with the ac­tion of

Im­planon – th­ese in­clude some drugs for epilepsy, some fun­gal treat­ments and St Johns Wort. I am con­cerned that your bleed­ing pat­tern has changed and al­though the im­plant should still be ac­tive I think it’s im­por­tant to as­sess any meds you may be tak­ing and take a test to rule out preg­nancy. It might be fine but please see your GP.

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