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I’m 14 and want to come out so badly

– I want to scream, “I’m pan­sex­ual and agen­der!” to the whole world. But there’s a guy in my class who would prob­a­bly beat me up for it. I don’t have many friends and I’ve ad­vised them they can leave me if I get bul­lied and beaten up, be­cause I don’t want them to get hurt. Is there a right thing to do?

Your sex­u­al­ity isn’t a choice, but the when, how, and who of com­ing out is. If you don’t feel safe, some­times it’s best to wait to come out at school. Rather than com­ing out to the whole world it may be bet­ter to start with a safe per­son. Pick your time and place care­fully, and write down what you’re go­ing to say first. You’re not alone. There are other peo­ple out there who’ve been where you are. Try chat­ting to a trained coun­sel­lor anony­mously at Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.


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