Al­ways the M8, never the D8

Girlfriend - - WIN­TER 2017 -

TFW ev­ery guy in the world has no idea you ex­ist. Spoiler alert: you can to­tally flip that!

First up, plzzzz don’t think you’re not cute

You to­tally are. Ba­betown = you! Se­ri­ously, boys not ask­ing you out is rarely about phys­i­cal stuff – and if it is, they’re not the kinda boys you wanna date any­way, bb. It’s so com­mon for us girls to im­me­di­ately de­cide some­one not lik­ing us is about how flat/mousey/ frizzy our hair is, or how we have braces, or how we have one knob­bly knee and one smooth knee. And hon­estly? Guys are NOT look­ing that crit­i­cally at us. Coz guess what! They’re not per­fect hu­man spec­i­mens ei­ther! And to top it off – ev­ery­one has dif­fer­ent types of peo­ple they find at­trac­tive. Think about it – you like surfer guys, your bestie loves quiet, arty ones. So it makes sense that guys are into dif­fer­ent types of girls too, right? Not to men­tion that loads of at­trac­tive­ness is about who you are as a per­son – that killer sense of hu­mour and the fact that you know all the rap verses in ‘Star­ships’ are way more im­por­tant than that one bad hair day.

Walk into the class like, what up

But con­fi­dence IS a thing. When you lack con­fi­dence, you might come off a bit in­tim­i­dat­ing or dis­in­ter­ested, coz you’re send­ing out vibes that you’re not worth talk­ing to! And that’s the worst, coz you’re amaz­ing and 110 per cent worth a cute chat. Don’t get it twisted – con­fi­dence isn’t about be­ing the cen­tre of at­ten­tion, or the girl at the party who’s game enough to p lug their iPhone in to start the d-floor. You can be quiet, loud, even shy, and still be a con­fi­dent babe. Re­ally, con­fi­dence comes down to think­ing you’re A-grade, and be­liev­ing it. Lack­ing those feels? Try writ­ing down all your awe­some traits in a jour­nal, and any time you feel crappy, have a squiz of the list. Yeah, that’s right. You’re amaz­ing.

And if noth­ing else…

Tried all of this stuff and still get zero guy in­ter­ac­tion? Do not stress. Plenty of girls go through high school seem­ingly in­vis­i­ble to boys. Some­times it’s coz your boy-pool is small and there’s just no-one in there who is your vibe. Some­times it’s just what­ever. But don’t think that’ll be the case for the rest of your life! In the GF of­fice, more than half of us had no high school bf, and a num­ber of us had never even kissed a boy ’til Uni. There’s plenty of time for love later – so if it’s all quiet on the guy front, just fo­cus on all the awe­some stuff you do have and let the rest hap­pen when it hap­pens.

Gurl, dw – DUFFs don’t ex­ist. Like Bianca, all you need is a lil’ con­fi­dence to go and flirt with your own Wes­ley.

Tay Tay in ‘You Be­long With Me’ = all the feels!

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