The 10 com­mand­ments of the group chat

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Your squad convo is the perfect combo of sav­age and sup­port­ive. But do you know all the rules?

When your friend is wait­ing for a text back from a guy, only hit up the group chat if it’s some­thing ur­gent, cause she’ll think it’s him ev­ery time it beeps or vi­brates. And we’ve all lived that hell.

When some­one makes a spell­ing or gram­mat­i­cal er­ror, the rest of the squad is obliged to serve up their strong­est tea and roast them sav­agely.

If you can’t un­der­stand what each and ev­ery squad mem­ber is say­ing with a whole sen­tence of emo­jis, are you even a squad?

Don’t be that per­son who reads ev­ery­thing but never says any­thing. It’s weird.

CAPS LOCK IS FOR SE­RI­OUS STUFF ONLY. Like when Harry drops his solo al­bum, or your crush slides into your DMs. It’s good for get­ting every­one’s at­ten­tion, but you can’t overdo it or you’ll be the girl who cried caps lock.

If some­one drops a fire GIF, you must send praise hands or ap­plause hands and bow to their GIF game su­pe­ri­or­ity.

There’s al­ways a friend who falls asleep and wakes up to 144 mes­sages. Don’t go easy on them and tone down the mes­sag­ing just cause you know they’re asleep. It’s called the ‘you snooze, you lose’ prin­ci­ple. They’ll catch up in the morn­ing any­way.

When some­one is to­tally lost, be a pal and give them a quick sum­mary so they can catch up. When the group chat is lit, no one wants to be left be­hind.

Don’t be that friend who ig­nores a per­sonal mes­sage but replies in the group chat. It’s shady AF.

Do you even know what tex­ting is? Don’t mes­sage the group about some­thing that doesn’t in­volve every­one. Side convo that stuff.

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