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Ever since I started high school, I have lost weight. I am in year 12, am 171cm and I weigh 52kg. I have no­ticed that other girls that are younger than me weigh more. I eat so much, but I can never gain weight! I am re­ally skinny and I al­ways get self-con­scious about it. My sis­ter weighs 10kg more than me and she is 12. Is there any­thing I can do to help my weight be nor­mal?


Your body mass in­dex (BMI) is 17.8 and does place you in the un­der­weight cat­e­gory. How­ever, this is only an in­di­ca­tor and it’s im­por­tant to chart your weight and height to get a good pic­ture of your progress over time, com­pared with oth­ers at your age. A growth spurt or do­ing heaps of phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity can use up the calo­ries you con­sume. While there are lots of pos­si­ble med­i­cal causes of weight loss, an over­ac­tive thy­roid is worth rul­ing out with a sim­ple blood test. The thy­roid (a gland in your neck) con­trols meta­bolic rate and weight loss is com­mon when it’s over­ac­tive. Please see your doc­tor.

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