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I know this is an in­va­sion of my lit­tle sis­ter’s pri­vacy, but her Face­book ac­count is logged on at home and I have ac­cess to her mes­sages. In the past, she has put her­self in some un­pleas­ant sit­u­a­tions and sent nudes to strangers. Go­ing through her mes­sages, I have found that she still sends nudes to mul­ti­ple boys. As she is very young and naive, it is re­ally wor­ry­ing me how she is pre­sent­ing her­self to boys that do not have her best in­ten­tions at heart. If you could give me any ad­vice at all that would help me without los­ing her trust, I would be so grate­ful.


Your lit­tle sis­ter’s be­hav­iour may have se­ri­ous ram­i­fi­ca­tions now and in fu­ture, and you are right to be con­cerned. If she is un­der 17 and post­ing in­ap­pro­pri­ate pic­tures of her­self on­line, she is ac­tu­ally in breach of state and fed­eral laws. De­pend­ing on which state you live in, this may re­sult in her go­ing on the sex of­fend­ers reg­istry. Her rep­u­ta­tion and men­tal health are also at risk. Have a chat with her, and if she ig­nores you, I’d en­cour­age you to tell your par­ents and get this stopped.

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