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Every­one goes on about flirt­ing, but how scary does it sound!? Like, sorry – I’m meant to look into a guy’s eyes for 400 sec­onds and then WINK or some­thing? Noooope, no thanks. But if you’re not flirt­ing at all, you might ac­ci­den­tally be do­ing the op­po­site and they might be get­ting the wrong mes­sage – namely, that you want them as far away from you as poss. Yikes! First up, scratch ev­ery­thing you thought you knew about the art of flirt­ing. Sim­ply catch­ing the eye of your cute ‘bus stop guy’ and then look­ing away with a lil’ smile is TO­TALLY a flirt move. Or sit­ting next to him on the bus. Got even more bold­ness in you? Try strik­ing a convo about the book he’s read­ing, or the story he’s scrolling through on Face­book. If you’re at a party and he’s talk­ing in a group, le­git walk right up to them all and go: “Lol, just jump­ing into your convo coz I lost my friends.” It’s re­ally just about show­ing a tiny bit of your in­ter­est in a way that makes sense to you and your per­son­al­ity.

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