Beauty SOS

Cri­sis than Who bet­ter to turn to in a makeup doc­tor is in... uber-vlog­ger Dani Man­sutti? The

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Beauty-mer­gency #1: You just blew all your cash­money on a new foun­da­tion, but it turns out it’s three shades too dark in nat­u­ral light. Gah!

Dani says: We’ve all been there!

Nat­u­ral light, why so sneaky?! There’s only two ways to deal with this sitch: 1) Ac­cept your­self in all your oompa loompa glory and work that or­ange face. 2) Cry, and use your tears to re­move the foun­da­tion.

Beauty-mer­gency #2: You were pluck­ing your brows and got a lit­tle overzeal­ous. Now they’re no­tice­ably un­even to the point you look per­ma­nently sur­prised on one side…

Dani says: Em­brace the shocked brow and recre­ate it on the other side. Hey, at least your eye­brows will be sym­met­ri­cal!

Beauty-mer­gency #3: Your crush gave you a hug and you left a size­able smudge of foun­da­tion on his shirt, right where your face went…

Dani says: I’d tell him he now has a piece of me to carry around with him ev­ery­where he goes.

Beauty-mer­gency #4: You’re get­ting ready for a party and re­alise you left your makeup bag in your locker! There’s no time to go get it – what do you do?

Dani says: Worst night­mare! If there’s a friend around, I’d dive into their makeup bag. If that’s not pos­si­ble, probs just stay home and watch Net­flix!

Beauty-mer­gency #5: You DIY’d a new hair colour and left it on too long – it was sup­posed to be honey brown, but it’s gone red­dish-pur­ple! Now what?!

Dani says: Story of my life! If wear­ing a hat isn’t an op­tion, maybe it’s best to dye it all over a nice dark brown... that’ll teach you to go to a hair­dresser next time!

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