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WITH OUR FAVE SHOW SET TO FIN­ISH, THE GF STAFF PRE­DICTS HOW PLL IS GO­ING TO END. BREE: I reckon Melissa killed Char­lotte and is A.D. – I’ve never trusted her! You gotta ad­mit she’s al­ways been crazy in­tense and su­per jeal­ous of Spencer. TAM: I sus­pect Ali killed Char­lotte and she has been ma­nip­u­lat­ing ev­ery­thing since long be­fore she wore that in­fa­mous yel­low top.

BIANCA: Right from day one, I have al­ways sus­pected that the *real* en­emy has been one of the four main girls. Some­how, I al­ways go back to Aria. Now THAT would be a twist!

MATT: I don’t even care who A or A.D. is any­more! I just feel like we de­serve a happy end­ing af­ter all the ~drama~. I’m pre­dict­ing (and low-key pray­ing for) an Ezra/ Aria wed­ding in the fi­nal scene.

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