Would you rather Su­per­hero edi­tion!

Girlfriend - - GF ENTERTAINMENT -

Be a bad­die or a goodie? A goodie

Be able to be in­vis­i­ble or have telekine­sis? I feel like I’m lazy, so maybe telekine­sis.

Date Thor or date Cap­tain Amer­ica? That’s a tough ques­tion. I’m open, you know? Se­cretly be Cat­woman or se­cretly be Won­der Wo­man? Cat­woman, be­cause I know there was a time that Halle Berry played her. I wanna se­cretly be Halle Berry.

Breathe un­der­wa­ter or be able to fly? Oh, that’s a good one. I feel like ev­ery­body would pick fly, but breath­ing un­der­wa­ter would be so con­ve­nient. Wear a cat­suit or a cape? A cat­suit. If you’ve ever seen The In­cred­i­bles, you’ll know capes are bad!

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