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Talk­ing fairy­tales and fash­ion with Dove Cameron, star of Descen­dants 2.

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Who was your fave vil­lain from the Dis­ney films grow­ing up?

I’m not ly­ing when I say this – my fave re­ally was Malef­i­cent. My mum’s best friend would dec­o­rate her house around Hal­loween time to look like a big Malef­i­cent dragon, and they did it ev­ery sin­gle year – they had Malef­i­cent com­ing out of the roof top and it was lit up green and pur­ple. It was just a huge part of my child­hood. And also be­cause she’s the most evil of them all. And I feel like if you’re go­ing to root for a vil­lain, you might as well go big or go home.

What can you tell us about Mal’s ad­ven­tures in Descen­dants 2?

Mal goes through a lot of life changes, more so than even I an­tic­i­pated. She loses her­self and finds her­self over and over again, as a lot of young peo­ple do, as I have done a lot. There’s a lot of her hav­ing to find her feet without her mother and find­ing her­self as she be­gins to love her­self.

What was it like re­unit­ing with the cast for the sec­ond film?

It was like a dream – if I could go back and work with this cast on this project over and over and over again, I would. [Work­ing on the film] was the best three months of my life, I’d say.

Did you guys get up to any mis­chief on the set?

Oh yeah tonnes, but we al­ways do. Kenny [Ortega] is al­ways pulling pranks! Thomas [Do­herty] and I stole Mal’s motorcycle quite a lot – I didn’t know how to ride it, but he did so he would just motorcycle me around the lot and every­one would be like, “Stop, slow down”, but we were al­ways go­ing too fast for them to catch us!

ICYMI, Dove plays Mal, the daugh­ter of vil­lain Malef­i­cent.

We’ve seen you rock ev­ery­thing from pink hair to su­per edgy makeup. What beauty look are you ob­sessed with rn?

I’ve been do­ing this ev­ery day, it’s just like my reg­u­lar life – like I’m this ex­tra – I’ve been do­ing baby pink, glit­ter liq­uid eye­liner. I’ve been putting it on as straight up eye­liner and then car­ry­ing it all around to my bot­tom lashes. It gives this re­ally other-worldly look. And I’ve got big eyes so eye­liner tends to kind of close them, but if I use a lighter colour it show­cases my eyes.

Where do you go for your fash­ion and beauty in­spo?

Well, my best friend Kiersey is al­ways do­ing crazy stuff, but also hon­estly, I go to my in­ner child. If I feel like draw­ing dots un­der my eyes to­day or I feel like putting five braids in my hair and then just pin­ning them up in all kinds of dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions, it ends up look­ing way cooler than any­thing I could’ve tried to im­i­tate.

What’s the last item you splurged on?

*Laughs* Any­body who knows me, knows that I carry a mas­sive back­pack with me ev­ery­where I go and my poor boyfriend ends up hav­ing to carry it be­cause he’s such a gen­tle­man. But he was like: “Babe, you have to buy a lit­tle hand purse.” And I was like: “I lit­er­ally don’t have one.” So I bought a lit­tle Ce­line bag that I sling over my shoul­der all the time. It’s very cute – it looks like a lit­tle lunch box!

What projects are you ex­cited about that you have com­ing up?

Right now I’m very ex­cited to be fo­cus­ing on my mu­sic, fi­nally... There are some things com­ing up on the hori­zon that I hope to be able to share with you very soon!

Dove’s gorj guy Thomas Do­herty is also star­ring in the movie as Harry, the son of Cap­tain Hook.

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