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“I’ve been self-con­scious about be­ing scrawny since I was a kid and my un­cle gave me the nick­name ‘Scrappy’ af­ter the char­ac­ter from Scooby-Doo. I’ve al­ways been tall and skinny, and no mat­ter what I eat or how much sport I play, I still have the same body. If I wear tighter cloth­ing, then I look ridicu­lous, but baggy cloth­ing ac­cen­tu­ates it as well. Sum­mer is the worst be­cause guys are all wear­ing sleeve­less tees and I try to wear long-sleeve tees, or like a thin bomber jacket, so my arms aren’t show­ing. Ev­ery­one’s al­ways say­ing, ‘Aren’t you hot in that?’ It’s the worst. Jack­ets are the only thing I feel al­right in. I’m also heaps self-con­scious at the beach and at pool par­ties. I’ve al­ways felt like ev­ery­one is look­ing at me think­ing about how scrawny I am. I don’t care about strangers, but I mean my friends and peo­ple I know. Although some­thing hap­pened quite re­cently that re­ally sur­prised me. A whole bunch of us were play­ing soc­cer and, when any of the guys scored a goal, he would lift up his shirt and run around cel­e­brat­ing.

I knew I’d just draw at­ten­tion to my­self even more if I didn’t do it, so I just did it re­ally quickly. Then one of the girls who was watch­ing told me I had good abs. I was on top of the world. No-one has ever said some­thing nice about my body. It felt re­ally good.” – Ryan, 16.

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