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What if your job was to cre­ate the sick rides at Dis­ney­land? If you lit­er­ally got to dream up roller-coast­ers themed to your favourite Dis­ney films? Well that’s ex­actly what Stef Har­buck gets to do. “My job is an ‘Imag­i­neer’ or pro­ducer for Walt Dis­ney Imag­i­neer­ing. I help bring theme park at­trac­tions and ex­pe­ri­ences to life.

I stud­ied at col­lege in the ar­eas of in­ter­ac­tive de­sign and pro­duc­tion, com­puter an­i­ma­tion pro­duc­tion, theatre pro­duc­tion, stu­dio art, art his­tory and com­puter sci­ence. Walt Dis­ney Imag­i­neer­ing is one of the few places where

I can use all of those things!

Ev­ery day is dif­fer­ent – de­pend­ing on the phase of the project, a typ­i­cal day might be work­ing with writ­ers, artists, technical di­rec­tors, en­gi­neers, edi­tors and de­sign­ers, talk­ing through ideas and prob­lems to solve on a project or putting to­gether a con­cept for a brand new project. It might be go­ing to one of the theme parks for an overnight test in the wee hours of the morn­ing and then head­ing to the Dis­ney Stu­dios for a cre­ative re­view with film­mak­ers. It might be run­ning a playtest, col­lect­ing feed­back from first-time guests, giv­ing pre­sen­ta­tions, and rid­ing a ride up to 20 times in a day!

There are so many things I love about my job. I’ve been for­tu­nate enough to live for short pe­ri­ods of time in Tokyo and Ger­many, I crossed the At­lantic on a new cruise ship and lived on it while it was still un­der con­struc­tion. I love that I get to walk through Dis­ney­land at sun­rise when it’s com­pletely still and quiet.

Re­cently, I was work­ing with the cast and crew of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 in At­lanta to shoot footage to bring our attraction to life. It was so re­ward­ing to ride our ride with the film di­rec­tor James Gunn, the cast and crew, and to hear them scream, clap and cheer and say how awe­some our attraction is go­ing to be.

It’s very spe­cial to watch a family who seem hot, tired and grumpy be­come trans­formed into smil­ing, en­er­getic, child-like guests af­ter rid­ing through the attraction I helped build.”

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