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Ain’t no­body got time for set­backs at your af­ters! Here’s how to ditch the dramz and fo­cus on the fun. Party poi­son

Let’s be real, whether you’re un­der or over the le­gal drink­ing age (which is 18 BTW), it’s pos­si­ble that some­one may bring al­co­hol to the party. But just coz other peeps are drink­ing doesn’t mean you’re ob­li­gated to join in! Trust us, you do not want to make a to­tal fool out of your­self and be cap­tured on ev­ery­one’s Snapchats. Our sug­ges­tion? Grab a cup of your go-to fizzy drink and dance the night away.

Af­ter the af­ter party

How will you get home when you’re par­tied out? If you’re think­ing, ‘eh, I’ll just wing it’, then think again! Be­fore the night, ar­range for ei­ther yours or a friend’s par­ents to pick you up, or con­sider get­ting a taxi/uber. Never, ever get in the car with any­one who’s even had one drink. Not only are you se­ri­ously risk­ing your own life, but you’re also risk­ing other lives as well. Make a smart plan ahead of time so you don’t need to stress later.

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