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Girlfriend - - GF FEATURES -

1 Re­or­gan­ise your wardrobe, sort­ing it by colour.

2 Trans­form your bath­room into a spa with can­dles, a face mask and chill mu­sic on loop.

3 Take ad­van­tage of day­light sav­ing and take a bunch of Kylie Jen­ner-level self­ies out­side, around 4pm.

4 Re­search an iconic old celeb, such as Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe or Elvis Pres­ley, and learn ev­ery­thing about them.

5 Go to a day­time screen­ing of a cheesy movie. 6 Lose your­self in a book­store.

7 Binge a brand new TV se­ries.

8 Make a playlist of all the tunes that are defin­ing your life right now.

9 Start a blog.

10 Make a re­sume and ap­ply for a sum­mer job.

11 Buy a beau­ti­ful jour­nal and start doc­u­ment­ing your life.

12 Try out a new beauty trend – fake freck­les, any­one?

13 Go mar­ket shop­ping.

14 Don’t go on so­cial me­dia for a day.

15 Learn how to play your favourite song on an in­stru­ment.

16 Spend a day in bed read­ing the new John Green book.

17 Write your Christ­mas wish list.

18 Learn how to make the per­fect choco­late cake.

19 Change up your bed­room. Move your bed around, clear away the clut­ter and give ev­ery­thing a good dust­ing.

20 Print off your pho­tos and start com­pil­ing photo al­bums.

21 Learn all the words to your favourite song so you can smash it when you next have karaoke.

22 Make a fort in your bed­room, grab some pop­corn and your fave child­hood movie.

23 Nail your skin­care rou­tine.

24 Down­load a med­i­ta­tion app and lis­ten to it be­fore you go to bed ev­ery night.

25 Start a travel Pin­ter­est of all the places you want to visit one day.

26 Paint or draw a pic­ture of your favourite celeb.

27 Set up pil­lows and blan­kets in your back­yard at night and go stargaz­ing.

28 Get up early and watch the sun­rise.

29 Buy a bath bomb and have a ~mag­i­cal~ bath.

30 Ask your par­ents who their favourite band was when they were your age and lis­ten to their mu­sic.

31 Read up on your horo­scope for the year ahead.

32 Write your­self a love let­ter – and open it in a year.

33 Give skate­board­ing or in­line skat­ing a go. 34 Go through your cam­era roll and sort your pics.

35 Cre­ate a vi­sion board for your­self.

36 Write a book or some fan­fic.

37 Down­load an app and teach your­self a new lan­guage.

38 Start rid­ing your bike again.

39 Watch YouTube beauty tu­to­ri­als and teach your­self how to do winged liner.

40 Be­come an ex­pert on a time pe­riod, such as the flower power of the ’60s.

41 Make your­self a fancy break­fast.

42 Take your dog/neigh­bour’s dog for a walk.

43 Find your new fash­ion muse and cre­ate a new look.

44 Try coloured hair chalks and make your­self look like a mer­maid.

45 Make your own body scrub with sugar, olive oil and honey.

46 Get re­ally good at nail art so you can show off your skills at the next squad sleep­over.

47 Join a new fan­dom and get in­vested in all the juicy Tum­blr the­o­ries.

48 Write an episode of your own TV se­ries and cast IRL ac­tors.

49 Start ev­ery morn­ing with a pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tion, e.g.: ‘I am strong, I can do any­thing.’

50 Be­fore you go to bed, write down some­thing that made you smile today.

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