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I live in a small coun­try town and at school there are only 10 girls in my year level who I’ve been friends with for most of my life. The boys don’t mix with us, so there isn’t much choice of who to hang out with. Re­cently I’ve had a big fall­ing out with my bestie and we’ve agreed to stop be­ing friends, and I can feel my­self drift­ing away from the other girls. I find it hard to have good con­ver­sa­tions with them due to hav­ing dif­fer­ent in­ter­ests, so I end up just go­ing to the li­brary to read at lunch. I know this is nor­mal, but peo­ple al­ways say to just make new friends, which I can’t do. I have the op­por­tu­nity to start VCE next year at a school in an­other town with more peo­ple that I could make friends with, but it will be a big change and cost my par­ents a lot of money. I don’t know whether I should try and fix my old friend­ships or find other ones. What should I do?


Hav­ing a close set of friends is one of the great­est sources of well­be­ing, and it is ob­vi­ously much eas­ier to find friends when you have a wider choice. Your par­ents are giv­ing you the op­por­tu­nity to do

Year 12 in a pri­vate school with a larger en­rol­ment, and I would grab this chance to broaden your so­cial cir­cle in­stead of sit­ting in a li­brary. Don’t give up on your old friend­ship group. Peo­ple do change and it sounds as if you ma­tured a bit ear­lier than them. But they will catch up in time, so don’t burn your bridges.


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