THE DAT­ING dic­tio­nary

Turns out there’s a whole dic­tio­nary of dat­ing lingo, and ghost­ing isn’t even the worst of it.

Girlfriend - - GF FEELS -

DTR: An acro­nym for ‘de­fine the re­la­tion­ship’, this term is typ­i­cally used when you’re oh-so-ca­su­ally try­ing to fig­ure out what the deal is with your crush.

TEXTLATIONSHIP: This is when you and your crush never quite ven­ture be­yond the tex­ting con­ver­sa­tion or hang out IRL.

SLOW FADE: Not as dra­matic as ghost­ing, but still re­ally an­noy­ing. This is when they seem re­ally in­ter­ested at first, but over time they let the convo die and make less of an ef­fort to keep in touch.

BREAD-CRUMBING: This is when they give you a com­pli­ment and just enough at­ten­tion to keep ~what­ever~ you two have alive, with min­i­mal ef­fort.

BENCHED: Just like be­ing kept on the bench for sports games, this is when you have been chat­ting with some­one and they keep find­ing ways to avoid ac­tu­ally hang­ing out in per­son. In other words, they’re keep­ing you on the ‘bench’ un­til it suits them. FYI, this dude is not boyfriend ma­te­rial.

HAUNT­ING: Has the guy who ghosted you sud­denly slid back into your DMs? If so, you’re be­ing haunted. If he does some­thing com­pletely ran­dom like fol­low you on In­sta­gram or ‘like’ a re­cent pic­ture af­ter no con­tact, this is his way of re­mind­ing you that he ex­ists. If this hap­pens to you, fol­low Dua’s first rule: “One: don’t pick up the phone.”

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