where them REAL friends at?

OK, so now you know how to spot the duds, but how do you find the di­a­monds?

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The more you do, the more op­por­tu­ni­ties you have to find friends. So sign up to things.

Join a sport­ing team, or try out for the school mu­si­cal. Try and find a group ac­tiv­ity you can do out­side of school so you can make even more friends.

Be nice to every­one. This seems so sim­ple and yet it’s so rare! If you’re al­ways kind to peo­ple then it will make you more ap­proach­able and more peo­ple will want to be your friend.

Look for peo­ple who have things in com­mon with you, be­cause that’s what friend­ships are based on. You might be re­ally into Justin Bieber (same, girl), so if you come across some­one who is also a fan, that gives you plenty to talk about! Or if you’re su­per sporty then you’re bound to find mates by sign­ing up to a net­ball team or ath­let­ics, be­cause your team mates will share com­mon in­ter­ests.

Be your­self. You want friends to like you for who you are and that’s im­por­tant when you’re mak­ing friends. There’s no point try­ing to im­press some­one by try­ing to be some­one you’re not. If you love read­ing Harry

Pot­ter fan­fic in your spare time, own it. There will be a friend out there who not only loves you for it, but will ob­sess over it too!

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