Deal­ing with fail­ure

What to do when life throws you a curve ball.

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Bounce back from a #fail

Ever heard the term ‘snowflake’? Ba­si­cally it’s used to de­scribe some­one who’s eas­ily of­fended or can’t cope when things don’t go their way. Like a snowflake, they can’t take the heat! We’re sorry to break it to you hun­nis, but our gen­er­a­tion is get­ting a bad rep for be­ing a bunch of ~melts~. Don’t get us wrong, fail­ure sucks, but it’s an unavoid­able part of life. Now, we show you how to bounce back when you have a set­back.

You failed an exam…

First of all, don’t panic – we’ve all been there. Ev­ery­one mucks up a test at least once in their life. Se­condly, have a think about why you didn’t do so well. If there’s a chance that you spent more time study­ing KJ Apa’s abs watch­ing

Riverdale (#guilty) than fin­ish­ing your maths home­work, this is eas­ily fixed.

What to do next…

Start off by hav­ing a chat with your teacher to see what your op­tions are for mak­ing up your grade. There might be a way for you to take on some ex­tra work or sim­ply let your teacher know that you’re strug­gling and need some help. While it might not al­ways feel like it, teach­ers are ac­tu­ally there to help you. If lack of study­ing is the is­sue, it’s time for a new sched­ule. Start by set­ting a few study goals for your­self – this could be as sim­ple as putting aside an hour ev­ery af­ter­noon to fo­cus on a sub­ject. Cre­at­ing a ded­i­cated study zone for your­self will also help get you in the zone, so you can knuckle down (Bor­ing? Yes. Nec­es­sary? Also yes). And lastly, try to ditch your phone for a few hours. Check­ing in­sta isn’t help­ing you achieve your #goals.

You missed out on your dream job...

Go­ing for job in­ter­views is hella nerve-rack­ing, but once it’s over, it’s su­per easy to get swept up in day­dreams of what it would be like to work for that com­pany. To find out you weren’t suc­cess­ful is al­ways a blow, but it’s some­thing you can come back from.

What to do next…

The best thing to do is get back on the horse and start ap­ply­ing for other jobs. While not land­ing your dream role – whether it’s a full-time gig or an af­ter­school one – is dis­ap­point­ing, there are tons of other com­pa­nies who would be lucky to have you, girl! Not get­ting a job is not a re­flec­tion on you as a per­son. You are still fierce AF, you just weren’t right for that po­si­tion.

You didn’t get the ATAR you wanted…

You worked hard all year, but you didn’t get that dream mark you needed to make it into the uni de­gree you wanted. It might feel like the world is end­ing, but we prom­ise it isn’t! The ATAR is a rank­ing sys­tem, it doesn’t take into ac­count any of your hard work (or the fact you’re a to­tal kween).

What to do next…

You ac­tu­ally have quite a few op­tions rn. You may not have scored the dream mark you needed, but chances are you could still land your­self in a sim­i­lar course at a dif­fer­ent uni. Have a look at what other cour­ses are of­fered. Most unis also of­fer bridg­ing cour­ses, which let you study for a year and en­rol in units that will help you cre­ate a path­way to your de­gree.

But re­mem­ber, some­times miss­ing out on what you thought you re­ally wanted can be a bless­ing in dis­guise. It could lead to some­thing ex­cit­ing – maybe a gap year!

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