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Brittney Saun­ders is tak­ing over the world! She’s a YouTu­ber, so­cial me­dia influencer and the owner of fash­ion la­bel Fayt. The blonde beauty re­veals how she be­came a boss babe.

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How did you learn to do makeup?

It was ba­si­cally self-taught. I did danc­ing from when I was four years old, so that’s when I was in­tro­duced to it – when my mum would do my makeup for my con­certs. But in late high school I just started ex­per­i­ment­ing with makeup.

When you were in high school, what did you want to do for your ca­reer?

I def­i­nitely went through the phase of want­ing to be a hair­dresser when I was in Year Nine. I wanted to drop out and be­come an ap­pren­tice. Other than that, I didn’t re­ally know. I left school and worked full-time in an of­fice, and that was the last job that I had be­fore I got into what I’m do­ing now.

Do you have set hours for your­self?

No, it’s ba­si­cally just from when I wake up to when I go to sleep and it’s con­stant. But it’s good be­cause when you’re do­ing some­thing you re­ally en­joy, you don’t even feel like you’re work­ing.

What are some of the pos­i­tives and neg­a­tives of run­ning your own busi­ness?

The pos­i­tives are the flex­i­bil­ity of work­ing for your­self and not hav­ing to have a boss who may be nasty – and be­ing able to work in your py­ja­mas! As for the neg­a­tives, I would have to say it’s easy to be­come lazy if you don’t mo­ti­vate your­self. As much as it can be an­noy­ing to have a boss, when you’re on your own and you’re in a lazy mood, no-one’s there to tell you to get up and do stuff.

How do you deal with haters on­line?

I think if peo­ple are tak­ing time out of their day to call me fat or call me ugly, they must be re­ally mis­er­able in their own life. I’ll just block any­one who says re­ally hurt­ful things.

How do you keep your per­sonal and pub­lic life sep­a­rate?

I’m from New­cas­tle, which is a smaller city, and I’m still re­ally good friends with all of my school friends. They aren’t into so­cial me­dia and nei­ther is my boyfriend. I feel like they al­low me to step away from the so­cial me­dia world, whereas maybe it would be a bit harder if all my clos­est friends were also YouTu­bers.

What would you say to girls who want to fol­low in your foot­steps?

I’d say just go for it. The fact that they have that thought in their mind is amaz­ing and I think a lot of the time the only thing that will stop them is the fear of other peo­ple judg­ing them. The way I look at it is that I’m go­ing to get to the end of my life and hope­fully be glad I took ev­ery risk I did and didn’t care about whether I’d fail or whether peo­ple were go­ing to judge me.

“I work from when I wake up to when I go to sleep and it’s con­stant.”

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